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Mario Maker has taken gamers by storm with its innovative approach to basic game design, putting fans of the iconic video game hero right in the action to create their own, outlandish Super Mario levels. The magical thing about the game, as you might know, is the fact that players can share their levels -- and even achieve top ranks among their peers in level design.

Released today, the game has options to incorporate Nintendo's extremely popular Amiibo figurines, but anyone can join in on the fun to create demented courses that are sure to destroy friendships in ways that relationship-killing board games like Monopoly or Dragon Strike never have before.

But with every community, you've always got your sadists. These particular insane, wonderful gamers-turned-designers have created levels so mind-numbing that we couldn't help but share. Do you think you have what it takes to beat these OP run-throughs? Scroll down to check them out.

1. "This looks overwhelming."

2. "I'm Goombalio!"

3. Crowds Make Me Claustrophobic!


5. Quick, Dirty and Clever

6. I've died and gone to Goomba Hell.

7. The Graveyard Is For Dead People - Like You!

8. Monty's Mine is not my kind of vacation spot

9. Fit for a King. A mad, mad king.

Have you designed a level for Super Mario Maker yet? Post your titles in the comments below so that we can play them!


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