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Nathaniel Rego

Starting from September 18th through November 1st, 2015, children ages 10-12 or under are ultimately allowed to attend Halloween Horror Nights as well. Thanks to a change of related annual event policy at Universal parks in California and Florida, like adults and teens, children shall face their fears at the annual iconic horror themed event in the history of Universal Studios Theme Parks. The youngsters shall experience first hand encounters with horror movies at this year's Halloween Horror Nights for staters, including Freddy V. Jason, Alien V. Predator, Halloween, Crimson Peak, This is the End 3D, Clowns 3D, and The Walking Dead.

From now on, despite all the sfx gore blood and gruesomeness like the general content in the average horro movies age inappropriate for children, youngsters than just adults and teens can get their own adrenaline pumping by experiencing Halloween Horror Nights.

From September 18 to November 1 of this year, Halloween Horror Nights frightens and adraline pumps every man, woman, and child whose interested in going to Universal for the annual Halloween event in California and Florida.


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