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Recently, a rumour for the Wonder Woman movie stated that it will partially be set in World War I. Although this is a huge, we haven't had any other major news about it... yet.

According to rumours gathered by Heroic Hollywood, the movie might be having multiple villains, specifically:

  • Ares - The Greek God of War and
  • Circe - The Sorceress

Not only that, it seems that Warner Bros. have already decided on suitable candidates! Any guesses?

That's right! Sean Bean (Boromir in Lord of the Rings, Ned Stark on Game of Thrones) is being considered for the role of Ares, and Eva Green (Artemisia in 300: Rise of an Empire) as Circe!

Let's talk about the roles, shall we?

Sean Bean would be a perfect casting for Ares. He can fight well, and has the voice and serious tone needed to bring the character to life, and make him an epic villain. The only downside? I don't want to see Ares die in the first movie... although, he IS a GOD after all, and is immortal... so yeah.

Eva Green will also be a great choice. We've seen her fight in 300: Rise of an Empire already, it will be great to see her take on the role of an imposing and threatening sorceress.

What does this mean for the movie?

Well, since Wonder Woman was trained by Ares himself, and Circe and Ares both were one of the very first supervillains she faced, we can assume that we might be seeing atleast some of her origin story, through flashbacks or so. And considering all the "god-like" imagery being used in the DC Extended Universe, its quite possible that these two villains might come in the modern day to threaten humanity.

Whatever the case, we have a long wait till 2017, till we get to know whats in store for us!

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What do you think of these casting choices?


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