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The BBC is ramping up their promotion for Series 9 of Doctor Who, set to premiere next Saturday, and today, they've released a prologue for the first episode. It finds the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) having a serious conversation with The High Priestess of Karn, Ohila (Claire Higgins), who is trying to pry out of him his plans. A certain creature he's known for a long time and feels an obligation toward is searching for him, and the Doctor must decide if he'll go on that dangerous journey to seek him out.

The more I watch of Peter Capaldi in the role as the Twelfth Doctor, the more he's growing on me. I mourned when David Tennant's run was over, but Matt Smith won me over. The pair were quite similar in their boyish charm, however, so Capaldi's gruff, no-f*cks-given approach to the Doctor took some getting used to. But he's a remarkable actor and you can tell he's really become comfortable in the role this series.

Where will he lead us? Across the stars? Or to Gallifrey at last?

Doctor Who Series 9 premieres Saturday, September 19 on BBC/BBC America.


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