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A few months ago, tragedy struck one of the world's favorite couples when Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy officially broke up. Since then, photos were released of Kermit's new alleged girlfriend named Denise, who is also a pig. Many people were outraged that Kermit would throw away his relationship with Piggy so quickly, but many supported him and his decisions to move on in life. From what we can tell, Kermit and Denise are going strong.

Kermit and Denise
Kermit and Denise

The big question since then has been when will Miss Piggy move on? Well apparently it's already happened. However, Piggy hasn't just moved on with some unknown Muppet like Kermit did. This is Miss Piggy we're talking about. The superstar / drama queen who never settles for second best. She needs the best. How did she achieve this? By moving on with the heartthrob star of Castle and Firefly, Nathan Fillion, of course!

It all started with Nathan Fillion scouting out Miss Piggy, clearly interested in the Muppet, as seen below while discussing with Kermit about whether or not he and Piggy were officially broken up.

Right from the bat, we start to see that Fillion clearly has interest in Miss Piggy. But not only that, there is also a clear sign that Kermit is not comfortable with the amount of attention the Castle star is giving his ex. Is he still defensive over Piggy, even though they aren't dating anymore?

Then, even more footage hit the web, showing early proof of Miss Piggy's attraction to Nathan Fillion. Check it out:

At this point, their is a strong suspicion that these two may or may not have a thing. The way Piggy calls Fillion "sweetie" may be innocent, or it may be implying previous, emotional contact between the two of them. Plus, with Piggy constantly being distracted by him, there is no denying that she wants something to happen between the two of them if it hasn't already.

Then, came the footage we were all dying for...

A person coming out of someone else's trailer early in the morning with unbuttoned and un-tucked clothing typically means one thing: those two got it on last night. This is undeniable proof that Nathan Fillion and Miss Piggy had a 'fling'. But is it only a fling? Is this the beginning of some brand new relationship? Or have they been hiding it for months and we are just now finding out about it?

And let's take a look at Kermit. He may not normally be the jealous type, but this frog is quite certainly upset about whatever it was that happened. Kermit has the same impression about Nathan and Piggy as us: they are certainly a thing. And Kermit looks none too happy about it.

Are Nathan Fillion and Miss Piggy actuall a thing? Was it only a one-night stand? Or is it some total misunderstanding? (It's not a misunderstanding, I can assure you). How does Kermit really feel about this? Will Kermit and Piggy ever get back together? Or were they never destined to not be together in the first place?

Unfortunately, I have none of these answers. All I have is suspicion and a lot of evidence to support this suspicion. But there is no denying that Miss Piggy and Nathan Fillion are definitely a thing.

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What do you think of the new romance between Miss Piggy and Nathan Fillion?


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