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In the year 2000, this man, was made popular by pop culture. Why? Because he dared to say what was on his mind and didn't care about what anybody else thought and besides it was just music for entertainment.

Yet, there was a lot of backlash for this man, but still he made music, the fans(like me) grew up with him, matured with him and fast forward 15 years, I still feel like I know the guy, because in every sense of it he exposed himself and made himself vulnerable. Even quashing homophobic controversy at the time, by performing with Elton John.

Obviously his lyrics are very crude, and unsavory for some, but for most, it's like poetry. And especially his demographic, which is the teenage demographic, it's an outlet to listen to him vent and we can vent with him in our rooms by just singing along. Obviously we knew that he was just satirical, and didn't mean what he said, because it's just anger, an emotion you need to let out once in a while, and for him it was through rap and for us, it was through his lyrics of his raps.

But now, Marshall Mathers(Eminem), has been out of the spotlight for sometime, only recently making a comeback with Marshall Mathers Long Play 2(MMLP2), and SHADYXV, but also making some rap music for the movie industry.

So, who else is making a fuss these days? Donald Trump.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Yes kids, the day we feared years ago, have finally been realized. Donald Trump became a tycoon and was an entrepreneur that made his mark in the world. Being the most cut throat and infamous businessman, and nothing has changed since then.

So then why all the fuss? Well, Donald actually wanted to run for president a few times back in the day but was too worried that his businesses would be affected so he put it off, till now. Now, I guess Donald is bored, and finally does run for president by starting his campaign off by saying that "ALL IMMIGRANTS ARE CRIMINALS". While that is not entirely a true quote, it sums up what he was implying, and although I don't agree with his statement, he brought up the case of immigration that was never really tackled because, America relied on foreign labor, but it's time that the foreign labor gets either the citizenship they deserve or, another harsh reality of deportation will come about.

The strategy he used is not uncommon, some politicians love to attract attention to boost their polls as well as media attention. But it's the words he chooses, and the stance he chooses to be in that really is the absolute tactic. Just like Eminem's music video "The Way I Am", it entails a very similar trait. In which, it is the very line that says "I am whatever you say I am" is what led me to make this comparison to begin with, because as nonchalantly as Eminem put it, Donald Trump can double it, which he did by saying "What I say is what I say".

Now not to say Donald Trump is taking the Eminem route by instigating a lot of intrigue, although it does kind of seem that way, but the thing about it is, is that Donald chooses this because he feels that there is too much political correctness and at the time Eminem really didn't care if anyone truly did want to crucify him and they basically did with many suing him. But what separates Donald from Eminem? Well, Donald is a well known businessman and thus, has the connections to get away with as much of this even though most media channels try to question his ethics, their still attracted to his charm. And at the time Eminem was just starting out and America didn't like that there was a white kid trying to be African American, although that's not really true.

But still there is a lot of similarities in the approach to gain something. Both sparked a lot of whispering and murmuring about what they were trying to get across. But at the end of the day I feel Donald even though he's most likely to win the election doesn't really know what he's doing. Whereas Marshall knew exactly what he was doing but just got lost a little along the way, but yet still had good intentions in wanting to entertain. I'm not saying Donald doesn't have good intentions, I'm sure he does but where he wants to go with it he doesn't really know himself. Say he does become president, what then? Does he have a political advisor? I'm sure he does, but most likely the political advisor is going to have to put in a lot of work to ensure that Donald's presidency isn't just one big joke.


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