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Over the past couple years more and more have spoken out about Hollywood's ageism and how difficult it is even for distinguished actresses to get roles. Everything seems to be going to the younger competition even when the parts are clearly written with an older actress in mind. Below are the roles played by actresses who were clearly too young for the part.

10. Scarlett JohanssonLost In Translation

The role of a young married woman was played by young Scarlett (who was not even 20 at the time). Charlotte is supposed to be a young college graduate/newley wed, but Johansson is clearly too young to be playing this part.

9. Imogen Poots – Filth

At 23 she did not look like a grown woman, or like a detective that could be working beside James McAvoy. This is the second pairing on this list where James is too old for his counterpart because this man does not look young and putting him side to side with a young woman is ridiculous.

8. Angelina Jolie – Alexander

In what world does Angelina Jolie look like Colin Farrell’s mother? Angelina is a great actress, mother, and overall badass, but she does not look like a mother of an adult man.

7. Eva Green – White Bird In a Blizzard

Eva Green was and looked far too young to be Shileen Woodley's mother. On the one hand she succeeded in making us believe that she was an unhappy homemaker, but at the same at it was hard to brush off the obvious questions, what? Why?

6. Mila Kunis – That 70s Show

While Mila Kunis was irreplaceable as Jackie and this role brought her to the world’s attention. She was 14 when she was cast to play a high schooler (dating a high schooler, played by Ashton Kutcher, now her husband). The show wouldn’t be the same without her, but even Ashton said that it was awkward playing the boyfriend of a young teen.

5. Emma Stone – Crazy Stupid Love

Emma did not look like a law school graduate. Though she wasn’t far from the right age she looked her age, which was 22. In fact she was far more convincing as a high school student in Easy A than a lawyer who just passed the bar in Crazy Stupid Love.

4. Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings Playbook

When she was 22, Jennifer Lawrence released Silver Linings Playbook where she played Tiffany, a young widow who falls in love with the handsome, and much older, Bradley Cooper. She did such a remarkable job that it landed her an Oscar win.

3. Jennifer Lawrence – American Hustle

This movie came out when Lawrence was just 23. She portrayed a young mother and wife. Though successful, she was far too young for the role. While she’s clearly an O’Russle favorite, it’s hard not to question whether a different casting choice would have worked better.

2. Jennifer Lawrence – Joy

Joy Mangano was based off a real woman who invented the miracle mop in her 30s, while Lawrence is just hitting her mid twenties and looks it. It’s difficult to see her as a single mother of three no matter how good JLaw’s acting is.

1. Jennifer Lawrence – X Men

In X-Men: First Class, Charles Xavier meets Mystique when they are both just children and look roughly the same age. Later on, Charles was played by James McAvoy who was in his 30s while Mystique was played by Jennifer Lawrence who was in her early 20s. Did that casting make sense to anyone?

By that same logic Patrick Stewart is 30 years older than Rebecca Romijn, so making them childhood friends made no sense.


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