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We all love the classic horror movies but do we love their remakes??

As a horror movie fan I have watched many originals and remakes and some of the classics were good, but some of the remakes were better. Now I'm not saying the "Halloween" remakes were good because they will never beat John Carpenter's original Michael Myers.

First off is "I Am Legend" VS its original "The Last Man On Earth" to be honest Will Smith is an alright actor but he couldn't do the role of Vincent Price because no one not even Will can beat a Vincent Price movie.

Second is "Poltergeist" I watched both films and the newest one pretty much made the older one look better. I mean come on using a male to potray Zelda Rubenstein's classic character Tangina seriously?

Third is "Psycho" lets see original of course!! It was the same thing just different actors and it wasn't as good since we all knew what happened to Marion. I mean come on people!! At least make the mother alive and the son really innocent..

Fourth is "House On Haunted Hill" Geoffrey Rush as a Vincent Price character.. Geoffrey your a really good actor but leave Vincent Price films alone!!

Fifth is "Halloween" I shall admit it I haven't seen the very first Halloween but after watching Rob Zombies remakes of Halloween I will just put it this way. Too much gore, not enough scare..

Sixth and finally is "Friday The 13th" and I shall say this was alright yet it still didn't have that effect the original one had.

So truth is.. Don't mess with the originals!! If you do your gonna wind up with something like the 2015 Poltergeist or something like the too recreated version of "Psycho"

If you don't agree with me, comment, I want to know your opinions on the original and remakes of these films.


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