ByRayyan Ikram, writer at

Some eagle eyed fans noticed that the photo Of Jared Keto as the Joker had to marks on the shoulders , like The Robin suit in the BvS trailer . The Robin suit harms bullet marks and Joker had two scars on the same place . So we thought that Jared Leto might just be dead Robin or Jason Todd gone rogue after being killed by someone , presumably , the real Joker who was present before his . So that is the fan theory of the year or something but some more hawk eyed fans like me noticed that the Robin suit had another bullet mark on his stomach on the left side .And I did my best to locate the marks on Joker too but there was no sign of them So maybe the shoulder scars were just burn marks or something. However we are not sure if it yet so it's fifty fifty .What if my theory is true and maybe it's what we do get to see in the movies too . But maybe Joker killed Robin and sent Barman the letter saying you let you family die , which ultimately leads to the fact that Joker knows who Batman really is !!! Pretty awesome considering the fact that Joker might have put those marks there to mock Jason or Robin .....


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