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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
Walter Ng

interestingly enough, heroes came out in 2005 and it was a big hit. A lot of people were talking about and making a big fuss out of it. But with every great show comes its downfall. It's later seasons became too confusing and too out of it to follow.

However, by popular demand, heroes will come back on the 24th September as a miniseries to finally close the chapter on heroes. It's not hard to see why people wanted it back. They were fascinated by the concept of it. And it was very interesting to watch how these people would use their powers and control them and what route they would take. I think the return of heroes; Heroes Reborn will take season 3's concept where Nathan revealed they were super humans, but instead of Nathan it was the cheerleader, Claire who is his biological daughter but it seems that in this new world Claire is dead which is hard to understand because she could regenerate but I digress.

Whatever heroes is, I'm glad it's coming back and I'm very much looking forward to it and hopefully there's a much more satisfying end then the first one we got.


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