ByRayyan Ikram, writer at

We all love and know the awesome game by Rock star called Red Dead Redemption (rdr) .

It was awesome beyond imagination . I loved riding around on the horses and all that stuff like escaping the police and all . What if that awesome stuff became a movie and that movie was the greatest movie ever !! It would be the greatest movie ever because it had a great story and characters and their horses and gameplay would make a great movie . Now a lot of games are becoming movies like Assassins Creed and some more. But what if the next one would be Red dead Redemption . I would love it and so would all of you, right ..,,. I would and you should too . But if they make a Red dead Redemption movie , they. Would also be making. GTA movie !!!! Well. Lets wait and watch if Rock star do make the movie . I hope so ....


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