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So it's pretty much confirmed that we will never see Donald Glover as Spider-Man, which SUCKS, but we'll just have to live with it. However, there are some characters of color that he COULD play, either in live action or voice over.

1. Static Shock (Voice)

Now of course, Donald is too old to PLAY Static, but I feel that he could voice him pretty well. He could combine his Troy persona from Community and put a bit more seriousness in him and he would have the perfect Static Shock. His carefree attitude would really help the character and I think he would make a great Static. In fact, I felt that the guy who voiced Static in Young Justice: Invasion, sounded like they were trying to imitate Donald sort of.

2. Hancock (Live Action)

Hancock was an alright movie, but I felt it lacked in certain areas. One of them was the casting of Will Smith. I actually like Will Smith as an actor, but I feel like he didn't play a good Hancock. So, if they ever wanted to reboot the franchise, or maybe make a soft rebooted sequel, they should definitely give the gig to Donald. Same thing that would make him good with Static, his carefree attitude would really fit Hancock, which I thought Will Smith was weirdly trying to bring to the character.

3.Cyborg (Voice)

OH MY GOD. This would be the perfect voice casting. Can you imagine the Abed and Troy dynamic that Donald would bring to Cyborg? Just thinking about it is making me fan boy. Now there is nothing wrong with the current voice actor who plays Cyborg (Khary Payton), but I would LOVE to see Donald's take on the half boy half machine.

4. John Stewart Green Lantern (LIVE ACTION)

Oh boy. Now I know that John Stewart is usually portrayed as an older (Mid-40's) character usually, but I think that Donald Glover would absolutely kill this role. He can definitely pull off more serious roles, seen in his short film, Clapping for the Wrong Reasons, and hopefully, The Martian. If they just aged down the character a little bit, (because Donald is now in his 30's) he would absolutely demolish this character. Also having Donald in the DCEU would be amazing. Seeing him face off against Darkseid with the rest of the Justice League.


Which superhero do you think Donald Glover would play the best?


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