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So many of us have the amazing ability to continuously and repeatedly stream our favorite shows thanks to Netlfix and Hulu, but back in the day it was all about timing. I remember I'd get home from elementary school at 2:45. This was just enough time to get some food ready, use the bathroom, and plop down on the couch to catch one of my all-time favorite shows: Dragon Ball Z.

I went through all of the sagas and caught every single episode! I used to draw characters from the show and pretend to be Goku. I was completely and utterly obsessed with this show, and I continue to be to this day. In elementary school, each episode was a new adventure. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if Goku would gather enough energy for his Spirit Ball attack against Buu, if Gohan would be enough to defeat the terrifying Cell, or if the legendary Super Saiyin would be enough to kill Frieza. Over the years, I've watched the entire series at least 4 more times. Considering that the entire Z series is 291 episodes that's a lot of time. I've also watched every single movie and other Dragon Ball series.

Why I chose Dragon Ball Z over the many other shows I've watched over and over again is because of the influence Dragon Ball Z has had on my life. Dragon Ball Z helped not only keep me from the daily struggles of my personal life, but also teach me what it meant to become a man and a good person. I remember watching Piccolo raise Gohan and Goku struggle with not being there for his son and thinking about how sometimes people can't be in our lives for whatever reason, but there are always others who are willing to guide us. It made me realize that no matter how isolated I felt, that there was always someone there who was willing to help. I just had to either ask for help, or recognize their presence in my life. After this lesson, I had a family friend who definitely became my Piccolo and helped teach me things when my dad couldn't.

What made Dragon Ball Z not only an influential show, but an entertaining one was the action and characters. It had a wide array of characters from aliens, to androids, to humans, and gods. With these vast differences, they created a rich world for these characters to grow and live entire lives (sometimes multiple lives). Dragon Ball Z allowed us to connect with certain characters more so during one period of their lives and then with another during another period of their life. I remember really connecting with Goku when we first see him defending Gohan and Earth against Raditz, but I later connected a lot with Gohan when Piccolo raised him.

As much as I've loved other shows, I still continue to fanboy over a show older than me. After how much it's influenced my life, I couldn't give my choice to any other show, nor does any other show deserve my spot as most watched show. Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned for my final entry for the 5 Day TV Challenge: A Show I'm Embarrassingly Obsessed With.


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