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The article is strange. It acts like the line of MJ's great videos ended with the Thriller album. You do not mention such master pieces as Smooth Criminal (which is the greatest video ever IMO), Ghosts (with one of the most underrated master pieces with a killer choreography), Remember the Time, Bad etc. In fact you simply left out most of MJ's career.

As for long term relevance. Yes, Madonna is still going and MJ doesn't, well, because he is dead and even before that he had his share of problems. But that doesn't mean her art is more relevant on the long term than MJ's. Go to any streaming service and you will see that.

For videos see YouTube. YouTube counts viewership by artist since September 2014. MJ has 2.2 billion views since while Madonna has 0.6 billion. And she is still active and just released an album during that period and MJ did not - it's just people going back to watch his old videos. But MJ videos were still a lot more viewed!



It's the same on Spotify (although of course that's just about the music).

Michael's Top 10

1. Billie Jean 105,247,228

2. Beat It 66,537,068

3. Man in the Mirror 64,104,109

4. Smooth Criminal 47,797,254

5. Love Never Felt So Good (JT duet) 46,169,980

6. Thriller 44,191,752

7. Hold My Hand 37,692,230

8. Love Never Felt So Good (solo) 36,892,722

9. P.Y.T. 31,162,986

10. They Don't Care About Us 30,678,206

Madonna's Top 10

1. Like A Prayer 18,587,253

2. 4 Minutes (JT duet) 18,270,748

3. La Isla Bonita 16,624,994

4. Material Girl 16,414,924

5. Hung Up 16,072,711

6. Bitch I'm Madonna 14,984,759

7. Vogue 13,184,984

8. Like A Virgin 11,943,731

9. Ghosttown 9,748,592

10. Like a Virgin (a different version) 7,285,976

No contest, really.

I agree about tours though. Madonna's were more visually spectacular, but that's because Michael was such a charismatic performer that he was able to carry a show all alone - HE was the show. Madonna simply does not have that kind of talent and so she needs more assistance in terms of visuals, pirotechnics, spectacular sets, costumes etc.


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