ByHelen McIvor, writer at

"Guardian's of the Galaxy", is my favourite Marvel film to date. Which says a lot as my Marvel Universe knowledge is pretty limited... And we (I say we as I don't yet know anyone that didn't like it) are having to wait until 2017 for a sequel!

So as a celebration of the film (and to tie us over, let's be honest) I wanted to create my own concept for a poster. I decided to create individual illustrations for each character, that I could then combine later.

The first in this series, is the infamous Peter Quill!

"- Peter Jason Quill. He's also known as Star-Lord.

- Who calls him that?

- Himself, mostly..."

I usually take step by step images when I do my work. However with this one (and I suspect others in this series) I haven't which is annoying, but I hope you like the finished product!


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