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Okay. I know what you are thinking. Besides "HECK YEAH" and "AWESOME" you're also thinking about Avatar: The Last Airbender live action movie and how that basically crashed and burned. Before we go there though lets stop and reread how this is a potential project, as in rumor has it that it may possibly as in maybe become a real thing.

If so. Let's talk about casting.

First, let me say that I searched for people who I believe was the perfect fit for the role. I wanted people who could aesthetically pass off as our beloved characters and of course be able to play their characters as great and professional actors/actresses.

Second, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra creators based bending off of real martial art forms. We know this. Thus most of the actors/actresses I chose were people who actually practice martial arts, had a history of doing fight scenes, and I believe could do Legend of Korra characters ACTUAL justice.

Kai - Marcus Scribner

1) If Kai was to have a doppelganger in the real world then it would be Marcus. Marcus definitely has that dark skin and green eyes going on for him.

2) Kai is hilarious. His bits with Mako and Bolin have made me laugh to no end. Good thing Marcus Scribner had displayed his hand for comedy in Black-ish. I think to play bad boy (yet still very sweet) Kai would be a good way to display his acting chops.

Jinora - Mackenzie Foy

Kudos to you if you knew that she practices martial arts. You can actually see her demonstrate this on the Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show. If you've seen her in Interstellar then you also know that she can definitely play the part as Jinora. End of discussion.

Bumi - Jackie Chan or Donnie Yen

I can't choose. I love them both and think they both could do extraordinarily well as our General Bumi.

Kya- Brandon Merril or Zoe Saldana

It's been a long time since I've seen Brandon in the acting game. She has an ethereal beauty about her that would definitely suit Kya. Though, I can also see beautiful Zoe play her as well. She's done many fighting scenes, we've seen her acting chops, and she's all around awesome. Honestly it would be cool to see either of them play Kya.

Lin Beifong - Michelle Yeoh

Is an actual Martial artist and has been in the kung fu movie game forever. I would list her movies but the list goes on and on and on because she's that awesome. All around, she's a phenomenal actress and I personally believe would definitely be the best fit for our Lin Beifong.

Tenzin - Ian Anthony Dale

In Mortal Combat, he is no stranger to having to play out fighting scenes. He played as Scorpion and in my opinion did a fantastic job. Shave his head and with his intense stare I definitely think he can be our Tenzin. Plus LOOK AT THIS PICTURE AND TRY AND TELL ME YOU CAN’T SEE HIM BEING TENZIN.

Bolin - Ryan Potter

He practices martial arts, was in Supah Ninjas, and recently was the voice actor for Hiro in Big Hero 6 (which was HILARIOUS and was a box office hit). You may be thinking "so what?" To which I say that means he has a background in martial arts, knows how to do fight scenes, and knows how to deliver a joke properly. Plus he's basically perfect to be our Bolin.

Mako - Leo Howard

Before you say anything remember that he was in G.I. Joe and did an awesome job playing young Snake Eyes. He is a martial artist as well and has shown in “Kicking It” that he is capable of fighting scenes. I definitely believe that he could play our brooding but well meaning cop.

Asami Sato - Chloe Bridges

LOOK AT HER?! HOW CAN SHE NOT BE OUR GORGEOUS ASAMI?! Looks aside, she's been in Pretty Little Liars and The Carrie Diaries-all super suspenseful and lovey dovey stuff. Asami is Korra's girlfriend. There's bound to be lovey dovey stuff and whatever adventures they go on is bound to be suspenseful. She can definitely be our brilliant inventor/mechanic/entrepreneur.

Korra - Kelsey Chow

C'mon. Work with me here before you think "not another Disney girl." But I believe that Kelsey is our girl. She was on Pair of Kings so she's not new to the stage fighting scene. Plus, have you seen her on Teen Wolf? Or in Hayley Kiyoko "Girls like Girls"? She is an AMAZING actress. She can cry, fight, be fierce, all of that and more. She can definitely be our Korra.


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