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Ok so it starts off with a flashback on a normal day in metropolis, Bruce Wayne is phoning Alfred and saying that he is about to go into a meeting, Alfred makes a obscure Bob Kane remark such as ' I do hope that Mr Kane will sign the deal'. Then Bruce hears people screaming and people run past him. Bruce stops a person and asks what's wrong. The guy says that a huge space ship is flattening buildings and that Bruce should get out of here. In the distance you hear the world engine whirring away. Bruce runs a couple of blocks and the military planes from Man of Steel fly overhead. Bruce overhears a couple screaming at each other and it becomes clear that they left their little girl back in town. Bruce decides to go help them as he couldn't help Jason Todd when the Joker killed him. Back in town, people are running for there lives and Bruce calls Alfred to tell him to send the Batplane as he cant see because of the mass of panicked people. Alfred says that he cant as he cannot get a location of where Bruce is and that it is to crowded. Bruce then sees a building crumble and a red stream of light is bringing it down and its right in front of Bruce. Bruce then hears a little girl crying to his left but the noise then proceeds to run towards the building. The building then crumbles and Bruce being a retired Batman decides to get the child out of the way of the building. This is when Bruce runs into the dust cloud that we see in the trailer. cut to today and Bruce is in the Batcave and is reflecting on that day in metropolis and Alfred tells him that the day has arrived.

That day is supermans hearing and as superman is floating down to the court house, people are booing him and holding signs that say things like 'go home' or 'OUR PLANET!'. Superman looks grim but lightens up when he sees Lois Lane in the crowd. As he walks in to the court room he meets Lex Luthor and no words are said but it is a comedic moment. Just as he walks in, a speech is coming to an end. During the hearing points are raised about him helping people and his good deeds such as him saving the lives of an astronaut when his rocket exploded. this is when a explosion is heard and people are ducking and screaming. A man is holding Lois Lane at gunpoint and superman is about to talk him out of shooting her when the man is shot himself by a man in swat gear with a superman 's' on his arm.

this is where we will leave off, if you would like me to do a part 2 vote below.


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