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Without a doubt, the Flash is known as the world's fastest superhero. He is incredibly fast, and incredibly popular. As one of the main members of the Justice League, he has earned the right to be called the fastest man alive. But just because the Flash is the most popular, doesn't necessarily mean that he is the fastest. There are many other heroes that have super speed, and do it just as well as the Flash.

So sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy the ride.


Along with super strength, heat vision, flight, and many more, he also has super speed.Superman and the Flash have raced several times over the years, and the winner has gone back and forth. It's hard to say who really is the faster superhero. Everyone has their opinion on who they think is fastest, but the question is still up for debate.


Pretty much the Marvel version of the Flash, Quicksilver originally only ran at the speed of sound, but his exposure to Isotope E made it possible for him to run up to the speed of light. This is another argument on who would win. Although most people say that the Flash has an advantage, Quicksilver is still extremely fast, and would definitely give the Flash a run for his money.


As a member of the Eternals, Makkari has super strength, super speed, and super reflexes. Although he has relatively the same powers as the other Eternals, he focuses more on super speed, rather than the others. Because of his obsession with speed, he lost his ability to fly. The Flash and Makkari are not often matched together, but it would be a close race between the two.

Silver Surfer

Arguably the most powerful superhero in existence, the Silver Surfer has the ability to travel light years in seconds. He can even travel in hyperspace. The Silver Surfer is also known for being able to think in nanoseconds, and then react in microseconds. Although having the ability to travel in hyperspace is one of Silver Surfer's more underrated powers, he is still crazy fast and would make a great opponent for the Flash.


Which superhero do you think could beat The Flash in a foot race?


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