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We are winding down to the last two days of the challenge. Five articles in a week. Who do I think I am? Someone important?

So if you're not familiar with the 5Day TV challenge, then where in the world have you been??? Just kidding. The challenges go as followed:

  • Day 1 - A Show I Binged Watched In One Sitting
  • Day 2 - A Show I'm Embarrassed To Admit I've Never Seen
  • Day 3 - A Show I Wasn't Allowed To Watch as a Kid, But Did Anyway
  • Day 4 - A Show I've Watched Again And Again
  • Day 5 - A Show I'm Embarrassingly Obsessed With

Even with loads of older shows or shows I don't know about yet I could be checking out sometimes it's nice to make time to rerun the favorites. Especially before the new season comes out. There were so many I could choose from for this challenge, Raising Hope which I Netflix all the time, Boy Meets World, Steven Universe, any of them, but I chose one that despite having made some changes I still watch repeatedly.

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I don't watch it as religiously as I used to, mainly because they had to change Gumball and Darwin's voice actors and like a lot of adults who regularly enjoy kid's shows I'm not a fan of change. I still refuse to watch Dragonball Kai for the same reason. Also it's not just the voice actor change but it seems like they replaced the pure heart and childish fun of the show with pop culture references. As if they realized their audience is older than it should be so they began to pander to them. I could just be overreacting like I usually do but I still watch the show and laugh so it's not like I think it sucks I still love it. I've been watching since the first and I'll probably be watching on the last day. Inner Child 4 Lyfe!

Favorite Character: Penny Fitzgerald

This was a hard choice for me because I love Gumball and Carrie Krueger but Penny won out in the end. Penny is sweet and almost always understanding. She loves Gumball so much she almost immediately forgives all the dumb stuff he does on a regular basis. I just wish they added a little more to her character. They did a good job with revealing what was under her shell but beyond that we don't really get much out of her.

Well tomorrow is the last day of the challenge. See you guys then *non-suggestive wink*


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