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Rosalyn Lim 林惠美
Genre is not what we (the audience, non-creators) impose on a film. It's very important, if there is no genre for the film, it means the director and screenwriter do not know what they are doing. I did not say story is not important, I just did not specifically mention it in my last comment (though I did mention there are many things considered). Really, I did not neglect it. Story is certainly one of the most important and sorry that I find your top favorite movie's story as simplistic. I do not want to criticise it further but I remember when I watch it, I am frustrated with the film as a whole and I just can't wait for it to end. You are right that scariness is subjective but if we watch a film from easily frightened people's pov, yet it still fails to just means the film fails badly. I do know nothing and no one is perfect including myself. However, I did my best in reviewing all of these films not just for the intended audience. So, so unfortunate that my bar is very high for animated features. I have analysed at least one hundred animated movies during 2014-2015 for my personal mission, I did my best to be unbiased and fair towards all. I respect that we have different opinions and I will not enforce my principles on you but I truly do not agree the lesser of Ghibli films stand high among all other animations. If you still do not believe me, I do know some obscure/foreign animated features which are better and more satisfying than some of these which you can watch and compare them yourself. I'll give you the titles if you are really interested.

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