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The Arrow season 4 trailer has dropped (about time) and I was not disappointed at all. From it there were many take aways, but here are my biggest.

10: Anarky

Although you might have to look a little, Anarky can definitely spot him. In one scene he is seen talking with Damian Darhk, and Darhk states "I represent order and discipline, all you represent is Anarky!" Well, there he is.

9: Constantine

Remember the failed series Constantine? Well, the series might be gone, but the character sure isn't. Constantine will appear in Arrow season four as he is seen on the phone stepping on a cigarette. So, um, YAY!!!!

8: Return of Sara

Yay!!!!!! Sara is back!!! She won't be the Canary, or frankly the Sara she was killed as. As with Thea, if you go in the pit, you don't come out the same. We already knew she was coming back, portraying White Canary in Legends of Tomorrow, but we got to see a little of that in the arrow season four trailer.

7: STAR City

(I know the picture is from last season). Now that everyone believes Ray Palmer is dead, in his honor they renamed Starling City Star City, as he pitched last season. And as for Ray being dead, well, I'll get to that later. But now it finally has its comic book name.

6: Ray "Dead"

No, no Ray Palmer isn't dead, he's just puny. He didn't die in the explosion, he shunk and no one can find him, so they assumed he died. But hey, he got Star City to be real, and he's alive, sounds like a win win to me.

5: Mr. Terrific

Me. Terrific!! Yay! Another hero! I know that's not exactly his best picture, but it's him. He made his appearance clear in the trailer, and not gonna lie, it was entertaining and funny when he was on screen. I can already tell he's going to be my favorite character in season four.

4: Very serious Olicity

For all you Olicity haters out there, well, here you go. They bought a house, Olicity isn't just some fan OTP anymore, it's very serious. They bought a house in Coast City people! And to be honest, I kinda like the new Olicity. And they're actually normal people! They're normal! At least for the first episode they are.

3: New Suit

I love the new suit, way better then the old Arrow suit. It's now Star City, he's know called the Green Arrow, the only way to make it more traditional is a new suit, oh wait, they did!! Season four is going to be amazing for so many different for so many different ways, probably because Oliver will be different for so many reason.

2: Diggle's Helmet

Yes, okay, the new helmet looks like Magneto. And just to establish one thing, although everyone knows the comic hero he's now is Guardian, they won't call him Guardian, they'll just call him Diggle with a helmet. When he gets the name Guardian, well, I don't know, but for now it's just Diggle. But hey, he's still way cooler then last season when he was just Diggle.

1: Damian Darhk

Yay!!! Baby face is here! Damian Darhk was shown plenty through the trailer like a main villain normally is. I'm not gonna lie, I thought he was great from what we've seen so far, he's already my favorite main season villain. The first thing when I saw him was "What he gonna do to male the city turn against Green Arrow?" And "What terrorist attack will he plan?" That's what all the villains do, and every time it's even better it seems like. Darhk will be a formidable foe for our beloved Emerald Archer, but it should be fun to watch them go head to head.


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