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After reporting on the twisted terror in the trailer for the Turkish horror Baskin earlier this month, the movie was finally witnessed by the public at Toronto International Film Festival's Midnight Madness. With the weather taking a turn for the worse, the sky moistened the entrance to Ryerson Theatre...

With its 1,200-seat capacity, this student space makes for a great social experience. From high-profile Special Presentations to the wild Midnight Madness , the Ryerson Theatre has become a Festival favourite.

An audience like no other.
An audience like no other.

The rowdy party vibe was soon more serious, and the film began to roll as the witching hour arrived.

Check out some of the reactions caused by the claustrophobic cop's cautionary tale that sends law enforcement to Hell on Twitter:

Well, there's no turning back...

Sounds good to me. The first Silent Hill movie was awesome but lacking something...

I guess don't go there on vacation and get yourself killed, then?

Everything was better in the '80s...

Who or what the hell are all those hands touching?
Who or what the hell are all those hands touching?

Love it when you get an image stuck in your head for days...

Do you remember your first?

Hey, it's cheaper than gas, right?

I doubt God had anything to do with it...

Say what?!

Expensive gore? TAKE MY MONEY!

Well, there it is. I'm sold.

Here's the movie poster along with a clip that Bloody-Disgusting debuted in the hours before the show:

Do you have the key?
Do you have the key?


Would you look away or face the terrors on show in Baskin?


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