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We're getting a very different Batman in the upcoming movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. One thing that gonna be different is this Batman new fighting style that he will showcase in the movie. The fight choreographer promised us a Batman who very adept in martial arts. I mean we've all moved on from Nolan's Batman fighting right?

Anyway since this new incarnation of Batman will have a different fighting style, what should it take inspiration from? Down below are a list of possible options.

Arkham Games Fighting Skill

One of the most critically praised things about the Arkham trilogy is the fighting style of Batman. In that series Batman is almost unbeatable in combat as he can go up against the best combatants and win or take out a room of 30 thugs and not even break a sweat. We're all hoping for something like this from Ben Affleck's Batman as Batman is one of the best hand to hand combatants in all of comics. Hopefully this is the basis of his fighting skill because of it is i will have a heart attack in the theater.

Nite Owl Inspiration

Snyder's Batman could take alot of inspiration from the character Nite Owl in the movie Watchmen. Nite Owl was an expert in martial arts and had some bad ass fighting scenes that were very brutal and effective at taking down thugs. Since Watchmen was a movie that Zack Snyder directed, don't be surprised to see some similarities in the way these two characters fight.

See the similarities?

Brute Strength

Since Ben's Batman is taking alot of inspiration from Frank Miller's Batman then don't be surprised if he fights more with strength than actual technique. Since Frank's was a older Batman he used more of his strength while fighting his opponents while in combat. I'm pretty sure this would be the most unpopular choice as fans want a Batman that adept at combat and not some hulking brute who throws haymakers and lacks in technique. Sorry Bale...again.

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