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Many Zombies films and tv series has many types of the undead but one type is more superior than the other, they're the intelligent one who only has sign of human life within them and can easily wield a weapon (sometimes they're the leader of the dead) and that's why i'm going to show you the 8 most intelligent zombies, here we go:

8. R - Warm Bodies

Played by the talented Nicholas Hoult, R was your average zombie boy in a zombie apocalypse who's life changes after falling in love with an survivor who's the daughter of the leader of the last humanity in the film setting, R turn more human when getting attracted by her.

7. Standartenführer (Oberst) Herzog - Dead Snow

Standartenführer (Oberst) Herzog or Stan Herzog for short whas originally an Nazi Leader commander in World War 2 after his dead, years later he (along with his nazi soldier's) were awoken by a group of young people staying in a cabin after accidentally stealing his Gold and now they're running from their life to survive.

6. Kieren Walker - In The Flesh

Kieren was a normal young teen who life change after The Rising and got turned into an Undead along with the other infected, Kiere also suffered an PTSD type condition when he remember his early years prior of the outbreak.

5. Edward "Stubbs" Stubblefield - Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse was one of the best Xbox game of all time about an Zombie Salesmen who arrive in the fictional city of Punchbowl, Pennsylvania an 1950's futuristic city founder by the main antagonist and son Andrew Mondaym, Stubb have many special move like using his head as a Bowling bowl, his organs as grenade and using his hand to control other living people's.

4. Liv Moore - IZombie

Played by the lovely kiwi Rose Mciver (Once Upon a Time and Power Rangers RPM), Olivia "Liv" Moore was a former medical student who was about to get married until an zombie outbreak occurred in a boat party she was attended and got infected as a result, now Liv is working in the PD morgue to solve murder scene along with his boss and a fellow detective with eating the victims brains to see what happen to them and meeting fellow intelligent zombie (both good and evil).

3. Murphy - Z-Nation

Murphy was normally an resentful and frail former convict until the outbreak occurred and got bitten but thank from a serum he was injected was immune by the bites and the only person who has the cured within his bodies and Murphy body is turning into zombie like and the ability to control other dead's and many other, now in S2 he's the main antagonist on the show.

2. Big Daddy - Land of the Dead

B. Daddy (not to be confused of the Bioshock mascot of the same name) was originally an Gas Attendant before the apocalypse, he's only one who have sign of human life like manage to shoot an assault rifle, teaches his zombie comrade how to use weapon to kill like teaching Z. Butcher how to wield a Cleaver especially to break in the Fiddler Green (the film setting) mall to attacked the people inside and teaching Number 9 how to shoot an machine gun and he's one of the few zombie character to survived the entire film.

1. Bub - Day of the Dead

The best Intelligent zombie of all time and the first zombie to be the type, he was clearly an soldier before the apocalypse, Bob was "domesticated" by his human owner DR. Logan who Bub was nice to him and he was one of the few romero zombie to speak and able to perfectly wielding a weapon like when he use an gun to the main baddie Rhodes only for the latter to be devour by a group of zombies eating his flesh while Bub see the man being devoured and salute to him.


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