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Last season brought a whirlwind of emotions and gave us a front seat to Abby Lee Miller declining sanity. The elite competition team used to be all about winning, but this season it was all about moving to LA. What started out as a small town dance studio crushing its competition left and right, turned into a star chasing Abby Miller and her losing team. Even the young starlet Maddie Ziegler couldn’t hold unto her crown and lost, ungraciously, not only to her younger sister, but to other teams. The children, who made this show so endearing, seemed to change their focus from the dance team and turned to other projects. At least there were some stars of the season – Mackenzie and Nia, who really kept strong even when their teacher and mother (ahem Melissa looking at you) were rooting against them.

While the entire show was always centered on Maddie, it’s hard to watch other children be brought down when she can’t step up to the part. Instead of celebrating Mackenzie and Nia’s accomplishments, the mothers and Abby, have no bad feelings about tearing down little children and embarrassing themselves on TV. This reality show was always based on scandal and poor treatment of young dancers, but this season crossed some lines even the fans don’t want to see. After the premiere of last season where Miller viciously insulted Chloe Lukasiak and lost one of her best dancers, it was hard to watch this ship sink throughout Season 5.

This season, the claws were out for Nia, who put out a great music video and launched a singing career. Instead of celebrating her dancers, Abby loves nothing more than destroying children’s dreams. Admittedly, in previous seasons it was entertaining watching a harsh dance teacher push her students to perfection, but Season 5 was all about Abby building her dance empire and nothing about bringing home the win. Her absence cost her students trophies and her entire “brand” a lot of embarrassment. Also, Kalani is on her way out and we don't know if Maddie will be returning. It would have been fitting to see this show end after Season 5, but Lifetime just can’t help exploiting children and unfortunately there will be more Dance Moms to come.


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