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Now, about a couple of weeks ago, I watched the babadook for the first time (it's on Netflix if you're interested). And wow, this movie really hit the nail right on the head for me. For those of you who haven't seen this movie, I'll just give you the run down. So, this mom and son live in a gloomy house together, and Emilia (Essie Davis), is trying to work with her "peculiar" son (Noah Wiseman). The mother is in fact , a widow who, after seven years still cannot seem to get over the fact that her husband died while he was driving her to the hospital to deliver her son, Samuel. Samuel, (like I said) is a very peculiar boy. He always say's what's on his mind and won't go to bed without reading a story and if he can't go to sleep he will sleep with his mother. Now, the movie implies that this thing has been going on for some time now and Emilia cannot seem to get any rest and she is very stressed because Samuel is acting up at school, and she works long hours, and then she still, sometimes doesn't get any rest. Samuel, (like most boys seven year old boys) enjoys magic shows and building miniature weapons that he uses at school which, in turn, ends up with him becoming suspended from school. Which, again in turn just causes more stress for his mother. Samuel is a very disobedient boy who really just doesn't listen to his mother in general. Now, the first night Samuel is suspended, his mother says he can pick one out for the night. Samuel picks out one called "the babadook". This book at first glance has no author or publisher or anything that's pretty common with typical books. And when she open's it, it tells of a story about a dark, shadowy man, with a big top hat and long sharp claws who sneaks into your room at night and scares little children. Basically Samuel's main and total fear. After the story, Emilia try's to comfort him with another story but Samuel is already mentally scarred. So the rest of the movie, I'll leave to you but pretty much A troubled widow, discovers that her son is telling the truth about a monster that entered their home through the pages of a children's book.

But I'm not writing this article to give you the entire run-down of the story. I wrote it to explain what actually made this movie scarier and better then your typical "blockbuster" horror movie. Well, to start, one of the many things I like about this movie was just how it depicted depression, grief, terror, and exhaustion. Like in the beginning it really just keeps you guessing if the babadook is actually real in the first place or is it's just Emilia's brain playing tricks on her because she is just so tired. And what also separates this movies from others was just the fact that it really hit's the core of your fears. I mean, it feels like this movie is just taking your childhood fear of the dark, and just literally digging it back up.

Just look at this creepy fucker!!
Just look at this creepy fucker!!

Another reason this movie really stand's out is because, what's the one thing all modern, blockbuster horror movies all have in common? Jump-scares. This movie I'm pretty sure, only has one, full jump-scare (if it even counts as one) and I'm not really sure if you could honestly it as one. This movie does an outstanding job at keeping watchers at the edge of their seat and just waiting, cringing for one because the director could have made you jump so awfully the entire movie, that it would've given you a a literal heart attack. Every other horror movie I've seen that has made it to the theaters gives you a half-asked, shit story and then tries to make-up for it by putting way to many jump-scares into the movie. Another thing I really enjoyed about this movie was just the dark, tone to it and just how spooky, and creepy it really was compared to just gore, horror, and grotesque imagery. The only thing I didn't favor about this film was the ending. I was kind of hoping that maybe it would just keep the audience guessing. plus the whole scene where she watches her husband die is just way to much. But yeah, I loved this movie. It's definitely what I've been searching for, for awhile.


Did you enjoy this movie as much as I did?


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