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1. Being able to create your own heists after the story. Unlimited heists. The player is the Heist leader. Uses of Gunman/and or Sniper(s), Hacker, Driver. Ex: Pawn Shop, Stores, Pharmacy, Banks, Restaurants, Prison Break Outs, kidnappings, bombings to police department(s), ect.

2. Being able to invade houses

3. Join the military(capturing targets and bringing them to prison) and into the FIB(Head Director)

4. New prison Mission as "The Great Break". Breaking a playable character out of prison by dressing up as NOOSE or crashing a plane.

5. Buying and Selling drugs like players did in GTA China Town Wars

6. Snipers in Heists(is Gunman but has to setup as sniper).

7. Starting your own family

8. Comedy Clubs

9. Ability to hijack planes in midair

10. Ability to produce drugs and sell them

11. Blowing up basements(like players did to the Koreans' base in GTA Chinatown Wars)

12. The Koreans

13. Joining Merryweather(killing targets) and into IAA(Head Director)

14. Clearing out buildings and rooms until target is found(Hotels/Buildings)

15. Terrorists

16. Building your own cook factory which players can produce their own drugs and sell them(story mode)

17. Extremely dangerous assassination missions

18. Drug dealers

19. Ability to buy houses/mansions as safe houses

20. Navy Ships

21. Federal Prison(5 Stars within entrance)(based off of Bangu Prison in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)(drugs and prison fights)

22. Fire/Rescue Missions using a ambulance helicopter

23. The Spanish Lords

24. More Heists missions for story mode

25. Ability to travel in a airplane to a different map

26. Portuguese Gangsters

27. Stealing Intel off of the military(Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation style)(for a heist or something)

28. Sniping an FIB Agent Mission

29. Going undercover in the Military

30. Being able to bring back a women from the beach in her bikini to your house

31. FIB helps the police at 4 stars and above

32. Military helicopters help the police at 5 stars

33. Killing a politician in a meeting

34. Killing a Presidential candidate at a Presidential campaign that Lester or someone doesn't like

35. Killing a targeted police officer

36. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation style missions

37. "No Escape" missions where a playable character and there family gets a opportunity to move to a different country and then must escape the terrorists(uses of Tanks, Helicopters, ect.) that are trying to kill your family. And you are safe when you finally get back to your country or a near by country. This would be great to use in the start of the game as the Prologue

38. Heist crew members(such as: Taliana, Chef, Packie, Norm, etc.) can invite you to do their heist job missions and you can set up the "Set Amount Percentage" you'd like to receive and what position you'd like to play apart of: Driver, Hacker, or Gunman


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