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Dakotah Barrows

Just about everyone on this site who is a creator has a horrible problem, and that problem is they only write to write. For instance Zack Snyder states Batman will see a little more time then Superman in the next film, and everyone tries to say this is DC/WB pushing Superman out of the universe. Well it's not, what is actually happening is that we got an origin story for Superman (Man of Steel), so Zack Snyder was saying that in the beginning we will be introduced to the new Batman, and after that the film will be about 50/50. I'm starting to get really fed up with everyone signal person hearing something and then creating a hugh rumor. With either nothing or almost nothing to back it up.

For example the rumor Zach Snyders son was in the film as Robin. (FALSE)

I really hate it when people take a rumor and run with it. I want Movie Pilot to get to the point where we creators only post TRUE statements. Now I know this is impossible to ask for. So the solution would be this, when someone makes a post please add where you got the info. And I don't mean like, well I heard from ______. No I would really appreciate a link or an image or if you have a clip of whoever said it either it be from someone in DC, WB, Marvel, Sony, Fox, etc, etc. please make sure you have your proof or anything can be taken to far.


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