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Michael Heinrich
...for Wonder Woman it looks like they may well be going with the new 52 version of her. Same thing with Aquaman. That changes the playing field, both are far more powerful in that universe. Wonder Woman is a demigod who eventually takes the mantle as the god of war, and from descriptions of the timing of the film she may well be more than 200 years old. Aquaman is not only the king of the seas but has strength, endurance, and speed to match Superman, as well as limited telepathy not just with sea creatures. They also both possess a warrior's training and mentality beyond any other leaguer (Batman is more of a fighter than a warrior). That being said you have to consider other things. Cyborg can basically join with any technology, the new 52 Shazam's power is as much mystical as physical so even if you included Superman there is no guarantee he would top this list. Green Lantern has a weapon that allows him to do anything his willpower allows him to do but remove the weapon or break his concentration or connection to it and you take him down. The Flash is another story unless you know he's coming you can't prepare for him. He can attack you in a thousand different ways before you even know he's there and that's before you even think about time travel or his ability to cross dimensions. (When they were making the Justice League animated series it was flash not Superman who actually gave the writers power issues. If you didn't dumb him down somehow he didn't need a justice league was how they put it) So with that info including Superman here is my list. #5 tie Aquaman and Cyborg #4 Superman #3 Shazam #2 Wonder Woman #1 The Flash

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