ByMichael Burkett, writer at

I dont know how many '90s kids we have on here but I proudly admit I am one. And with this comes a lot of great memories like Gummi Bears, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Aahh! Real Monsters. Then there was the more adult movies for us to watch like this timeless and sad classics: The Crow.

How many times have I seen this movie? And each time I find something new. Continuity errors like filling a glass with a shot of Crown then next shot a full glass of "Crown". And the hidden items like the fact that Draven's makeup slowly disappears as the movie goes on.

This movie is highly respectable and the one thing that hurts is Brandon Lee (Martial Artist Bruce Lee's son) was accidentally shot amd killed during one of the first scenes. If you like the tales of someone coming back to exact revenge I recommend this movie HIGHLY


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