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Ive' seen EVERY Marvel Comic film. Love em to bits. Seen the MULTIPLE times.
Georgian Stanescu

Simply put, not the best I have encountered throughout the whole series. Although this is a reboot of the trilogy of the past. I found the Frank(Kreins) character to be of weaker to a certain extent. Now while action was no short of it, I found it to be lacking. I loved the way they kept the majority of it. However with Frank's father???? now what up with that. Then to use the father in a kidnapping??? Nope completely lost there. The plus side, the Airport scene was class, and the usual speed chase of which we were treated to two.


At the beginning we see a familiar, whereby a bunch of crooks are trying to steal the car. However Frank has other tricks up his sleeve. haahah. He then goes to meet his father Frank Snr(Stevenson). During one of his socials with his Pops, he answers a call to: "Is this the Transporter", great tagline, love it. He meets a woman who starts the whole thing. A series of events occurs. The girls help the Transporter in retaliation.


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