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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

We're all fans of Back To The Future here, right? We're all moviegoers, we're all fans. And why not support a remake with a fan cast? We heard how it might be possible to make a remake of Back To The Future, so I decided to come up with a fan cast to show you who I think should play each and every main and supporting cast if a remake happened.

Dr Emmett Brown - Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas would be my one and only choice for Dr Brown, you've seen him in Ant-Man then you know how he can act smart and look smart, just because Dr Brown is sort of a mad scientist doesn't mean he has to be one in a remake. Michael Douglas made a very good Hank Pym who is also a scientist. Also we've seen him in wall street which makes him the perfect choice for Dr Brown.

He was a genius in Ant-Man and I hope if BTTF gets a remake I really want to see Michael Douglas bringing this character back to life.

Marty McFly - Channing Tatum or Nathan Kress

Why Channing Tatum - I wanted to go with Nathan Kress but there is just something about Channing Tatum that makes me think he is the perect guy for the role, you know how in the first BTTF movie Marty travels back in time and his mother falls in love with him? Well so I thought, why not make him more attractive? I mean I didn't see that much in the old Marty McFly but if Channing Tatum plays the new Marty McFly, we finally have a reason for Marty's mom to fall in love with Marty. Channing Tatum was great in Step Up, he isn't too young and he isn't too old either which makes him perfect for the role of Marty McFly.

Why Nathan Kress - Basically he's around 22 or 23 years old and he looks as if he just went to college, so I really he can bring this character back but as a bit older person. Like in the old movie Marty is a teenager and if the remake happens we can see him as a freshman at college, he's young, he's got the acting chops for it and he's proven his capability of handling a role like that in iCarly, he around 19-20 at the time I think, and he can still play a high school boy.

Biff Tannen/Griff Tannen - Joe Manganiello

Y'know how both Biff Tannen (of the past) and Griff Tannen (of the future) are basically played by the same guy? Well Joe Manganiello would be perfect for that, we could even see a different storyline, by taking an attractive male to play a high school bully and after a few years end up becoming an attractive mechanic. We could see Marty's mom havinh an affair with Biff, who knows? It's a possibility. If you remembered Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man movie and Spider-Man 3 starring Tobey Maguire, then you remember Joe Manganiello playing Flash Thompson, Peter Parker's high school bully, sure he might have aged a lot since then but I can still see him as a high school bully, because he's got that bad boy trait in him.

George McFly - Ioan Gruffudd

Just because Marty's dad was a total nerd in the old movie doesn't mean we need an actor who looks like a nerd, Ioan Gruffudd can be both a nerd and handsome at the same time, he would make a great father to Marty McFly and a great husband to Lorraine McFly. Since he might just be a supporting cast if the remake ever happened, Ioan Gruffudd would be great, he's proven his nerd side in Fantastic Four and his other side also in Fantastic Four.

It'd be awesome to see Ioan Gruffudd as George McFly.

Lorraine McFly - Jennifer Aniston

Attractive son, attractive mother right? Jennifer Aniston is 50+ this year and she still looks young which makes her perfect for the role of Lorraine McFly. I mean let's face it even after how many years we are all still crushing on Marty's mother right? Jennifer Aniston was great in Cake, she's proven how she can still keep it beutiful in Horrible Bosses and Horrible Bosses 2. If we are going to go with an attractive son then the mother should be as well as attractive, even the father. I really think Ioan Gruffudd and Jennifer Aniston would make a great George and Lorraine McFly.

Jennifer Parker - Kirsten Dunst

Face it, we're not gonna see the original Jennifer if the remake happens. So why not we pick Kirsten Dunst as a replacement? If you know her then you've probably watched Spider-Man 1 to 3 and Elizabethtown. I personally think she can make a great replacement as Jennifer Parker, she's young, she's a good actress so why not? We need new faces to join the cast and Kirsten Dunst would be the best choice for Jennifer Parker.

There is no other actress whom I think will do a better job at playing Jennifer. If we get a hot boyfriend we need a hot girlfriend right?


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