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Civil war is Cap vs Iron Man . We all know the basics and the plot and story and characters and all tahts left is who will win . Team Cap is awesome , but team Iron man has some people that have to be destroyed in order to win . Like vision . He was the one who lifted Mjolnir . So you know how powerful he is . Maybe he could be the one to stop the war between them . But I just don't know how they both will fight . Will it be a tag team match or a fistfight or world destruction match ? Serious marvel , too much destruction . But thats impractical , we need to know who will win. So let's overlook the strengths of Cap and Iron Man only , since the teams aren't a big issue now .

Iron Man .

He is too awesome to talk about , so yeah he could be the one to make the superhuman registration act and persuade superheroes to join them . But maybe he is doing it to improve the world as a favor after what happened with Ultron. I think that's important . So thats him in the movie .

Captain America

He can do just about enough to help save the world , So yeah we know that he also is a super soldier and sort of a mutant , cause of his enhanced abilities . So yeah , he can fight hard , and he was close to lifting Mjolnir about an inch which means he is stronger than Iron Man because even his armor couldn't lift it .


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