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Now we end the 5 Day TV challenge. If you don't know the challenges I'll run through the one last time:

  • Day 1 - A Show I Binged Watched In One Sitting
  • Day 2 - A Show I'm Embarrassed To Admit I've Never Seen
  • Day 3 - A Show I Wasn't Allowed To Watch as a Kid, But Did Anyway
  • Day 4 - A Show I've Watched Again And Again
  • Day 5 - A Show I'm Embarrassingly Obsessed With

For those of you who didn't read the last ones here were my choices for those days and links to them for explanations.

So without further ado, my anticlimactic choice for the final challenge is

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love this show. Neither it being animated or kids being the target audience are the reasons why it is embarrassing how obsessed I am with the show. I think the true reason is that I hum the tune daily, I actively search for clothes with it on it and I've seen every season 1 episodes between 25-50 times. I am dedicated to this show. I'm not too dedicated to the fandom though, or to the creator Rebecca Sugar. I'm fairly sure she's an awesome lady, I mean you'd have to be to create Steven Universe but that's not my approach to fandom.

My approach to fandom is that the show exists in it's own universe, I don't care about what Rebecca Sugar's cat's name is or who she went to school with as long as there are new episodes of Steven Universe on. I don't care about interviews, I'm not going to do extra homework and ask questions to find out little things. If it's not directly stated or reflected in universe I don't know about it.

I think this tends to annoy people when I get into conversations because they think that I'm not as dedicated to the show but if anything I'm just not that dedicated to reality. Honestly I get just as annoyed when people bring up stuff that isn't in the show. I like to think that sometimes people feel the same way about superstars when they do stupid stuff or say stupid stuff they still buy that person's work because they enjoy the work and don't care about what the people do in their personal time. Honestly those people who get paparazzi'd constantly and all that other stuff are probably thankful for people like me who couldn't really give a crap about what they're doing in their personal time; as long as they're putting out content that's interesting and they're not depraved creepy racist nazis trying to bring back Hitler or something. Although if Chloe Grace Moretz was a racist nazi trying to bring back Hitler I think I could forgive her and try to persuade her to change her ways through the power of love.

Wow that went way off the rails. Alright back on topic. The great thing about Steven Universe is that I really feel like it's attempting to bring back the family shows in a genuine way. It's not trying to push the boundaries of what can be shown to kids or showing childish content with hidden innuendos for the adults. It's just plainly showing content that both children and adults can enjoy, thought provoking and smartly written dialogue, catchy and fun music, and story points with situations that can create a dialogue between different generations about life. If you don't question your own existence at least once during the course of a season you're not fully enjoying Steven Universe. The only thing disappointing is that it's only 15 minutes like many other really good shows lately. Still those 15 minutes some days feel like a conversation and other days feel like a whisper they really know how to pace it.

Favorite Character: Garnet

I love Garnet. I love everything about her. I can't even begin to explain why I'm obsessed with her character. She is just great.

Oh and on a final note. I'm a total fraud. I missed yesterday because I forgot to press Publish before I closed out of the tab and now today is the sixth day. How terrible am I?


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