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... Peter Parker met a new actor as Mary Jane to get the sad mood off, but unfortunately he will not feel that he love her until he battles the sinister six that she is in danger, and he saves her that he will see that she is the most important thing in his life and he love her, Then we can solve the conflict when Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy(back to life) met in TASM 4( I love that TASM 4 will be a movie about a spider-verse part 1 that TASM 5 will be the last series of TASM( Spider-Verse part 2)). It will be better if Spider man married Mary Jane in TASM 4 for my own opinion I don't love movies that make up things especially when Marvel do that I love what is happening in the movies be conducted from the comics that there is something that tick me off that in spider man the movie series they had put in people minds that spider man shoots webs from his hand not from his web shooters that the only time spider man can shoot webs from his hand is that when he turned black otherwise NO, and what have to happen is Mary Jane start going in the scenes that Peter start liking her that I know that he love Gwen more, but it just Gwen can't be his true love even if she come back to life as a clone he can't love her again because she is a clone, and this is how it is the scenes can go that after all Mary Jane will marry peter parker Guys, Mary Jane isn't the original lover of spider man and besides if you gonna comment about something, your source have to be the comic vine/marvel database wiki of spider man, and the amazing spider man movie series also is a good source that I think until now the movie has no mistakes. The fact is that Gwen is the original lover of Peter Parker, but the life partner of him is Mary Jane Watson! Absolutely NO, Gwen can't be back as black cat because you like destroying Third of spider man life series, but came to think of it, it will be a great idea if The Amazing Spider man 4 will be talking about the Spider-Verse, and with that way Gwen can brought back as Spider Woman a hero from another reality that by this way she can fight along side spider man without being a villain, and without changing anything from spider man life because at some point this had happened that by this way we can make Emma Stone(Gwen Stacy)'s fans happy, also Mary Jane's fans that want her to come in TASM series HAPPY!

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