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With the news that a Series of Unfortunate Events TV series is in the works and will be coming to Netflix, I'm going to show you my fan cast of who i want for the role of the characters from the books.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Count Olaf

Sacha would be perfect for the role of Olaf since he's no stranger of playing hilarious funny character's he was Borat, Ali G, and Bruno and beside he's great at wearing makeup.

Asa Butterfield as Klaus Baudelaire

Asa is very identical to Klaus in the book since both wear glasses and Asa would be perfect for the role and he previously star in Ender's Game as Ender Wiggin so why not give another chance in a TV Adaptation based on a book.

Georgie Henley as Violet Baudelaire

Georgie is a very good actress for the role of Violet i love her performance as Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicle of Narnia film Franchise.

Tom Hiddleston as Lemony Snicket

Even thought Lemony wont appear on-screen (except possibly as a silhouette) on the show like in the film but Tom have a wonderful British accent and will be great as LS.

John C. Reilly as Mr Poe

As the only American listed on my fan cast, i pictured Reilly as the Baudelaire Banker since they have a similar look and Hairstyle ( it depend how to you picture Poe in the book).

Robert Carlyle as Fernald aka Hook-Handed Man

Carlyle is better known for playing a lot of evil character's on Movie/TV like Rumplestiltskin in Once Upon A Time, Renard on The World Is Not Enough among other and i pictured him with hook while wearing makeup similar to Rump on OUAT.

Vinnie Jones as The Bald Man with the Long Nose

Let face it Vinnie would be perfect for the role of the Bald dude with Long Nose hell Jones really does have a bigger nose lol and i want him for the role of one of Olaf henchmen.


you like the fan cast which one do you picture the most??


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