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Ben Affleck is the next Batman in the long list of previous actors who suited up as the caped crusader. Fans have came around to the idea of him as Batman and are now hailing him as the best live screen adaptation of the character ever.

But once upon a time there was an actor that fans seriously wanted to be the next Dark Knight. His name was Scott Adkins. Before Ben was cast as Batman, fans wanted Scott Adkins, an actor and martial artist who was a fan favorite among many, to be the next Batman. I mean there was even a petition to make this thing happen.

Fans thought he was the true successor of Christian Bale to be the next in line to suit up as the peculiar hero. The petition worked to some degree as Adkins did confirm that he did audition for the role at WB. Here the interview down below.

Of course it never came to fruition, but Adkins did thank the fans for wanting him to play the role. The question is, why did fans want Adkins to play Batman so bad? Let take a look down below.

The Look

We all praise Ben Affleck for having the Batman/Bruce Wayne look from the comics but Scott Adkins had that look down as well. No wonder why fans wanted him to be cast in the role! He looked just like the caped crusader as well. He has the Bruce Wayne look knocked down and the ferocious look as the hardened vigilante as well.

Fighting Skills

Other than being an actor, Scott Adkins is actually a real life martial artist knowing several martial arts. What other character do you know that knows several martial arts? Adkins fight scenes in his movies are absolutely insane - I mean look at this!

The guy fights like Batman...literally! He would have been perfect as Batman because not only does he have the look down but his fighting is on point! Scott Adkins is an absolute badass in his movies. Did I also forget to mention that the guy does his own stunts as well? Yeah, he was the stunt double for Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Scott Adkins is an absolute monster and would definitely fit physically as Batman. Adkins definitely fits the role physically.


Scott Adkins is a pretty solid actor appearing in a variety of movies. He's an English actor but is extremely capable of pulling off an American accent and he's done different character roles as well. As a matter of fact there was this one scene in a show where he displays a lot of Bruce Wayne's charm.

Doesn't he just pour Bruce Wayne swag all over? He could easily play the charming playboy while showing the brooding vigilante as well.

He just screams Batman doesn't he?

I think this proves why fans were so worked up to get Scott cast in the role. I mean even this famous YouTuber Tyrone Magnus agrees.. and Magnus' word is law!!!

On a closing note, we will always be left to wonder what would have happened if Scott Adkins was given the role. The guy was, and still is perfect in every category and is kinda a walking real life Batman. But Ben Affleck was given the role and so far looks to be doing a spectacular job so far and seems like the definitive Batman on screen. Hopefully Scott Adkins will play Batman in a show or a fan-made film because the guy is loaded with potential.

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