ByCharles Stein, writer at

besides the beating around the bush, and the sugar coating, and the run around. I have to ask you to cut the crap and tell it straight up as to why you think he has to be killed off.

here are a few reasons as to why I think he should stay living.
1) Morality of the story
2) Balances out the team
3) Accurate WW2 era beliefs (which we don't have today)
4) Different Perspective on the world
5) is 100% Counter Culture to today's day and age.

I would assume especially with Hollywood and today's culture, that alot of people would like to see Captain America die just simply because he is Christian and holds alot of Anti Socialist views. also with the fact the Tony Stark is Atheist --> Hint as to why Ultron was so messed up, is another reason they want to see Tony Stark be the one to kill Captain America. (FYI It's not like the Hollywood needed to toss in Hydra Lol it's like they are trying to deny just how socialist they are)

but anyhow, love the marvel stories, I'm a big fan, and I know it's just a story. but every fictional story is used to tell us a lesson or morale. I just have to cringe at Hollywood tossing in their political agenda into movies, passing it off as a "Morale".


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