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One of the coolest aspects of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) will be seeing the heroes that we have grown with become internally conflicted and go to war with each other. It is a rare opportunity to have a conflict that doesn't involve an intergalactic threat or a villain who wants to "take over the world." Although the jury is still out on how Baron Zemo will fit into the overall plot. This battle will be about philosophy and politics...sounds like a blast, doesn't it?

Marvel has come under recent scrutiny for being simply popcorn fluff and this upcoming movie affords the studio the opportunity to add a level of subtext to their movies that maybe only Captain America: The Winter Soldier has attempted so far. Recently Marvel released a photo illustrating the two sides of the Civil War conflict and who will be making up the opposing factions.

With a battle as personal and grounded as Civil War it still is unknown how a character with almost godlike powers, such as Scarlet Witch, will figure into the conflict. In a recent interview with MTV, actress Elizabeth Olsen opened up about the third time she is playing the role of Wanda Maximoff, after her introduction in Captain America: Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Olsen explains where the character is at in Civil War, after the death of her brother and officially joining the ranks of the Avengers.

“She’s doing alright. She’s confused, she’s conflicted. She’s found some people she thinks she connects with, but she’s doing alright. They released images of Team Cap and Team Iron Man. She wasn’t there. She’s always the wild card. I like being the wild card.”

In the comics, Scarlet Witch oscillates between being a menace and performing heroic deeds, so it's no surprise that the Russo Bros would want that same dynamic in their upcoming film. However, it does raise the concern that her character could become too predictable, in her unpredictability.

Scarlet Witch turned the tide in Age of Ultron and it looks like that may be the case again. She has powers that are almost magical in their nature. The ability to alter people's perception through their mind and telekinesis, makes her close to omnipotent and a crucial soldier in the battle. There has also been rumors and speculation that she is part of the initial conflict at the beginning of the Captain America: Civil War, that attracts the world's scrutiny on super-powered beings. That in turn, pushes Marvel's heroes into war.

It's hard to imagine that Scarlet Witch will not eventually align herself with Vision, due to their romantic relationship in the comics. So whether she defects to Team Stark, Rogers, or even Team Zemo, there are a lot of exciting possibilities to be explored. Luckily there is less than a year to go before we get all the answers in theaters. Until then, keep checking back for the latest on all things Marvel!

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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