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Yes, You heard it right! The new Star Wars installment could have a Post Credits scene which teases us for Episode 8 OR Rogue One. Although the rumor strongly suggests for latter being true.

“According to a ‘trusted source’ close to Schmoes Know’s very own Kristian Harloff, the December 18th release of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens will see the end credits tease a small clip and teaser for Rogue One (A Star Wars story),” they revealed. “Details are scarce at the moment so I would file this more in the ‘rumor’ category.”

The rumor was dropped on the air on the Schmoes Know Movie Show. Harloff trusts his source and has mentioned their record for news like this is pretty reliable. And considering Marvel Cinematic Universe movies always show a short crazy glimpse (which is loved by the Audience) of what's coming Next, I won't be that much surprised.Because Marvel Cinematic Universe are part of Disney too. Although I hate sitting and reading the names of VFX artists to watch the freaking Post Credit scene.


In the same show Harloff said

Why don’t I like it? Because it completely breaks tradition of all previous Star Wars Episodes. On the flip side of things, and why I believe in its legitimacy, it follows the latest trend of a “post credit” sequence in many comic book movies popular now. Though this doesn’t promise a scene to connect the following Episode VIII, it does promise to raise awareness for the Star Wars story, Rogue One, filming now.
Sure, today’s generation might not be fully aware of a New Hope, and Rogue One being set before the seminal Sci-Fi opera, the move makes a lot of sense on a business level; especially coming from the Disney Juggernaut. They have a lot invested in this new venture, the spin-off stories. They want audiences to not only come in droves to the latest Episodes, they also want to make sure their 4 billion dollar investment is protected when they release the new spin-offs. What better way then to target an audience already with their butts in the theatre?

As a fan I can understand what Harloff is trying to say. Because the Legacy of Star Wars movies is untouchable. And I know certain Fans will feel like it is a cheap Gimmick and unoriginal, And the tradition should never be broken. And Besides it's a copy of Marketing strategy used by Marvel.

But as a fan it also makes me excited to see the glimpse of what's coming next. It just gives me thrill to see what is following next in the story. And it's not copying Marvel, MCU movies weren't the first movies who had post credit scene in their movies. I think it just adds another element for Audience to what should they expect from the franchise. And from Studio point of View, it is ONE of the Smartest Marketing because Editing Team just had to insert 20 seconds clip at the end of the movie. And I for ONE Clearly don't see that it will ruin the Movie. But that's just my OPINION!


What do you think of Star Wars franchise having a "Post Credits Scene"?


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