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Comic Book Fans, we have finally received what we have been waiting for since the nineties...

The DEADPOOL live action!

However, we all know Deadpool in film last time was a bit... on the rocky side. If you don't understand, I am speaking of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It showcased the story of Wolverine and the Weapon X Program. Weapon X was also the very program where Deadpool got his namesake, healing abilities, and his abilities to fight. However...

It didn't exactly end well for the Merc with a Mouth. I mean, he had his mouth sewn shut. Come On.

But, we now have a new live action movie coming next February, with Wade Wilson, and his origin story, as seen by the trailer.

gif by peterquiell on tumblr
gif by peterquiell on tumblr

And Post Weapon X Deadpool

gif by peterquiell
gif by peterquiell

And it isn't like it's being rated PG-13. They even made a whole joke about it for April Fool's. You have an R-rated movie about a random, sassy mercenary killing people: the typical Marvel Movie. So, how could they mess it up?

A.) You could make it all about Romance/ Deadpool finding 'himself'

Seriously, you can not make this like X-Men Origins. We can see the origins about how he became deadpool, but you can't have Wade Wilson brooding. He wasn't doing that in the comics. He doesn't even have a character arc. This is because Deadpool's backstory is not set in stone. No one even knows if he really is Wade Wilson, because there is doubt that Deadpool is just a guy who stole his identity.

And you can't make it about Romance either. Deadpool doesn't have a lot of love interests. He's omnisexual, and as quoted by Deadpool writer, Gerry Tugan that

"Deadpool is whatever sexual inclination his brain tells him he is in THAT moment. And then the moment passes"

Deadpool has been interested in Domino, possibly Spiderman, even Death. Deadpool does have a wife in the trailer, but I doubt she will last long and then there is Negasonic Teenage Warhead. We do not yet know how they will interact because they haven't in the comics.

B.) You remove what sets Deadpool apart

Now I bet you are wondering what I am saying about this. What is the one thing that sets Deadpool apart from other Marvel Characters? Many things do, It would take a long time to list to them. However, this is the one I am going to mention as key.

He knows that he is a fictional character. He breaks the fourth wall more times than Donald Trump has denied wearing a toupee! But, how could they take this away? This is what deadpool does! He attacks you with the health bar in the Video Games. He has even gone as far to kill the entire Marvel Universe. So taking this away from Deadpool would be a huge problem. They have taken particular traits from him before, like, I don't know, the ability to speak.

C.) They ruin the action

Action Movies are very difficult to make. They have to be the perfect combination of plot, fighting, thrills, chills, and humor. Especially with well known comic book characters, where there are fans who have followed the from the beginning.

The Movie Makers could be too worried about story, characters, humor, and Deadpool breaking the fourth wall; that they could forget to make the action scenes as great as they could be.

We already saw great thrills in the test footage that came out years ago, and we had some of these in the trailer. Did anyone else notice that they used the same actions from the test footage, but changed the song? They need to make the action good, fun to watch, and have Deadpool being Deadpool, so that it's accurate. If they did all of this and not forsake anything important, it would be a masterpiece.


So, what do you think? Are you excited for the Deadpool Movie?


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