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For years and years people complained about Star Wars Prequels. Saying stuff like "George Lucas raped my childhood" and he "forgot everything about his own works". While I do believe that the Prequel Trilogy is to star wars like how the Hobbit is to Lord of the Rings, but thats off topic. From what I heard, the hate that star wars gets is the over use of CGI. Saying that the entire movie was shot in behind a green screen and not using practical effect. I am one of the many who believed it till I saw this from Star Wars twitter account

That's right, more practical effects were use in a prequel movie than the entire OT.

I was shocked, as I bet you are. All I ever heard from the all the Prequel Bashers were that it sucked because of the over use of cgi. So much so that I was skeptical of this tweet till I found these photos

Here it is all the proof you need. If you want evan more picture check out

While I know that the prequel are a sensitive subject to some of the star wars community. Yes there is faults in it but the effects are not one of them.


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