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Hi there! My best friend and I have had an amazing idea for a Star Wars film! And I wanted to share it with all of you!

But before I do, I want you to know that this is a partial screenplay so it's pretty long. So if you were wanting a short little article to read, haha! You have come to the wrong place my friend.

And if any of you have any advice, tips, or find anything wrong with it please please comment below and let me know. Thanks!

Also, if any one out there reading this happens to be a screenwriter or is involved in the film industry and think that this story may have a shot at making it, I'd absolutely love any help you could offer towards me pitching this idea.

And yes, I have copyrighted this! I'm not that ignorant, haha!

So, if you're still reading this that must mean you're at least semi interested so I won't keep you waiting any longer. Here it is:

Star Wars: A New Order

Scene 1

(Above Kamino)

Heading towards Kamino, a GR-75 Medium Transport Ship is carrying Republic Credits to buy the final touches on Jedi Training Facility 1138.

“Approaching the planet sir.” Says the Co-Pilot.

“Very good.” Says the Pilot.

Out of nowhere something appears on the scanners.

“It’s an Aggressor Assault Fighter!” says the Pilot, “ and we all know who flies one of those.”

“Oh no! Scruel!” says the Co-Pilot.

Scruel is a space pirate.

Scruel swoops down and blasts the hull of the GR-75. Out pour Credits.

“Ahhh. Credits!” says Scruel.

The Pilot yells, “Activate Battle Turrets!!!!”

Battle turrets activate and start shooting at Scruel. Scruel retreats with a few crates of Credits.

“Well it wasn’t a total lose,” says Scruel,” I got some.”

The GR-75 continues onto the planet. ( End Scene)

Scene 2

(A Spy Among Us)

After the GR-75 lands at the Jedi Training Facility(J.T.F) the Pilot comes out and tells the foreman about Scruel’s attack.

“That’s fine,” says the foreman,” we just won’t get the security system until later.”

“The Jedi instructor agrees, saying,” Well, we are the Jedi, we’ll just sense the danger while we wait for the security system.

After they’re done unloading, the instructor tells the Pilot he can leave now. No one notices the foreman sneak back into the shadows. He clicks a button on a device on his wrist called an Image Inducer. His body seems to waver, then his true form is revealed! Instead of being a human, he is in fact an Ano!

He takes out his communicator, and says ,”Ano Leader, our plan to tell Scruel when the shipment of Credits was coming worked. They don’t have a security system.”

Well done Atrox! You’re a wonderful spy.” says the Ano Leader “(End Scene)

Scene 3

( Anoes Strike the J.T.F.)

At the J.T.F. a padawan named Calix Marcellus is working with the instructor on lifting mind-tricks from people’s minds. The camera travels out the room to the foreman hiding in a dark corner on his communicator again saying, “Your highness, all is ready for the attack now.

The Ano king says, “Excellent! I’ll send the troops immediately.”

Later, the Jedi padawans are preparing to have their first battle training session in the newly opened Jedi Training Facility 1138.

The instructor says, “Padawans, begin.”

And they do so. The scene then goes to the hallway outside of the security room. It shows the foreman/Atrox go into the security room.

The two people in the room turn around, and say, “Foreman! What are you doing here?”

He lifts his hand and says, “Killing you of course.”

He grins and releases a stream of Ano force mist, which parts into two streams. Each stream wraps itself around one of the person’s throats. He lifts them up and slams them into the ground, killing them. Behold the Ano force choke! Atrox turns off the Image Inducer and begins pushing buttons.

Down in the training room the Jedi are still training. Then, all of a sudden, the training droids stop. Their yellow eyes flicker, and turn red. The droids start up again , but this time they’re killing the padawans!

“They’re killing them!” the instructor yells. He rushes to help the padawans.

Calix looks up at the security room, “What’s happening?” he says, “Is something wrong in the security room?”

“Let’s check it out,” says Calix’s friend.

On their way up Calix says, “For some reason I can’t sense what’s happening in that room. I know I’m not very good, but I can usually do something like this.”

“Well, we’re here, so let’s find out.” Says the friend. “I’ll go in first.”

Calix replies, “Aright, I’m right behind you. And friend, be careful.”

Friend goes in and sees Atrox. “What…what are you?”

Atrox spins around and stabs him with his yellow light saber. “It has begun, and it’s too late to stop us.” He whispers into friend’s dying eyes.

Calix comes in and seeing friend dead on the ground yells, “Noooooooooooooooo!”

Calix activates his light saber, and begins fighting Atrox. The battle doesn’t last long because Atrox mist force pushes him out into the hall. Calix, being wise enough to know he can’t win against Atrox, runs to tell the instructor.

In the training room, the instructor just struck down a training droid and says, “27 down, and only 173 to go.”

Calix comes in and tells the instructor about Atrox.

“Take the remaining padawans to safety.” Says the instructor.

Calix does so, and the instructor takes out one more droid.

The scene shows Calix and the other padawans go to the landing platform, where there is a ship. Ano ships are emerging from the water and blasting up into the sky.

Calix is standing by the door yelling, “Go, go, go.”

The scene returns to the instructor . All of the training droids are now destroyed. Then, in comes Atrox! The instructor looks up and reactivates his lightsaber still panting from the previous battle.

“Who…and what…are you?” asks the instructor.

“I am an Ano, Jedi. And we will take our revenge on this galaxy, starting with this pathetic little base.”

“Oh, okay. That’s not too bad. Now let’s get this over with shall we?” says the instructor.

They fight for a while, but Atrox prevails by stabbing the instructor through the chest. The instructor falls to his knees, gasping for breathe. Intense battle music stops.

“Jedi scum.” Says Atrox.

The instructor falls to the ground dead. Atrox spits on him then goes away.

Meanwhile, on the landing platform, Calix and the others all are in the ship. Through a window they can see the battle between the instructor and Atrox.

With tears in his eyes, Calix says, “We must move on.”

The ship takes off, and an Ano ship starts firing at them. Calix fires back as they go through the atmosphere. Calix’s ship escapes, but their communicators were destroyed.

“Set coordinates for Coruscant, says Calix, “We must warn the Jedi Council.”

They go into hyperspace, and blast off. (End Scene)

Scene 4

(Awakening on Dantooine)

(A few hours earlier) On Dantooine, in a cave, Jedi Master Droon Dro’Hou and his padawan are studying what they believe to be lightsaber crystals, when all of a sudden, Droon gets this massive headache. He falls to the ground. His padawan eventually calms him down and Droon tells him what the matter was.

“I had a vision.” he said, “It was difficult to understand though. All I know is this. We are in great danger. Us and the rest of the galaxy. Something terrible is coming.” (End Scene)

Scene 5


Calix and the other padawans arrive at Coruscant, but see no activity around the planet. They land and notice that there are no people or ships anywhere.

“I don’t like this. Come friends, let us warn the Council.” Says Calix.

They run inside the Jedi Temple and it’s the same in there. It’s dark, empty, and frightening. Cue scary music.

“Stay sharp.” Whispers Calix.

All of a sudden, Anoes drop from the ceiling.

“We took care of all your Jedi friends and now we’ll take care of you!” laughs an Ano.

Calix can see a few Jedi being taken into a room by some Anoes down the halls. But the Anoes all activate their yellow lightsabers at the same time.

“RUN!” yells Calix. The padawans do so.

There were about twenty padawans when they got there, but only ten were alive by the time they got back to their ship. They all load onto the ship and start blasting off, but an Ano ship starts shooting at them. It follows them through the atmosphere. Right as they’re going into hyperspace, the Ano hits them. They get knocked off course as they go into hyperspace.

“Quick! Take us out of hyperspace before we crash into a planet or something!” Calix yells.(End Scene)

Scene 6

(Wookie Alliance)

When they come out of hyperspace they see that they are right next to Kashyyyk. They decide to land to perhaps seek shelter among the Wookies. One of the padawans knew a little Wookieese and told them about the Anoes.

The Wookies gladly took them in saying, “Rrraaaggghh!” (translated) “We will defend you from any danger with our lives!” (End Scene)

Scene 7

(Attack on Dantooine)

We now return to Dantooine where Droon and his padawan are still in the cave. Droon is sitting in a meditating state and the padawan is worriedly looking out the cave entrance.

“Thanks to the power of the Force, I can sense that this danger, whatever it is, has entered the atmosphere of Dantooine.” says Droon.

They go outside and look at the sky. Dozens of Ano ships are flying down to the surface. The Anoes have spread half way across the galaxy by now.

“Prepare for some training on the job my young padawan.” says Droon, “Attack now!”

The Ano ships swoop down and drop off several Anoes before zooming up to the sky again. Droon watches as the Anoes all hit the ground with epic poses.

“Destroy them!” yells Droon.

The Ano captain, a very large Ano, attacks Droon.

“Who are you?” asks Droon.

“We are the Anoes and we will destroy you all!” replies the captain.

“Why?” asks Droon, “What is your reason?”

The Ano captain tells the story of the Anoes while they are fighting. By the time he’s finished with the story, many Anoes are dead and the padawan is almost dead.

“I can’t do it.” says the padawan weakly. He then crumples to the ground.

Droon Force-pushes the Ano captain away, picks up his padawan, and starts to run towards the cave. They get in their ship and fly off taking quite a bit of damage from the Anoes.

They fly to Kashyyyk and land.

“Why Kashyyyk master?” asks the padawan.

“I don’t know,” says Droon,”I just felt the Force guiding me here. We’ve landed in a camp let’s see whose it is.(End Scene)

Scene 8

(Happy Sith)

On Kashyyyk, down in the Shadowlands, the Sith have been hiding for the last few years. The Sith Lord, Zra’Shon, is sitting on a stump when his apprentice walks in. He walks out of the shadows and reveals himself to be Atrox!

“Ah, you’re back,” says Zra’Shon,” It is done, I expect.”

“Yes.” replies Atrox,” The war has been started. Soon, the Jedi will be overwhelmed by the Anoes.”

Zra’Shon grins,” And when they destroy the Jedi, we’ll destroy them, leaving no one to stop us from ruling the galaxy!” Both then laugh maniacally. (End Scene)

Scene 9

(Meeting Up)

On Kashyyyk, Droon and his apprentice just landed right in the middle of Calix’s camp.

“What?!?” says Calix,” Who are you?”

“I am Jedi Master Droon Dro’Hou and this is my apprentice.” says Droon,” who are you?”

Calix replies,” I’m Calix Marcellus. These are other Jedi who are on the run with me. A new species called Anoes are taking over the galaxy. They started with our Jedi Training Facility on Kamino so we ran.”

“Yes, we know about the Anoes. We fought them then ran. The Force guided us here.” says Droon.

Calix says,” It seems we were meant to team up then. Alright, we need a plan. We can’t just sit here forever.”

“I might have an idea.” says Droon,” You said that the Anoes took over the Jedi Temple. What if we freed some of the Jedi who were still alive? If we take back Coruscant, we might still stand a chance.”

“Sounds good to me.” says Calix,” You, me, and five of the other padawans will go. The other two padawans will stay here to care for your injured apprentice and defend the Wookies.”

“Alright!” says Droon,” We’ll move out immediately.”

As they’re loading onto the ship, the camera zooms in on some trees at the edge of the camp where Atrox is spying on them. He watches the ship take off then runs off towards the Shadowlands. (End Scene)

Scene 10

(Freedom on Coruscant)

Calix, Droon, and the padawans approach the planet then Ano ships start shooting at them.

“Fire back, but conserve your ammo.” says Calix.

They shoot down some Ano ships then land. They all run to the Jedi Temple and enter the building. The building is empty and quiet as they walk in. All of a sudden about a dozen Anoes drop down from the ceiling in front of them. They hear lightsabers behind them as well. They spin around only to see that more Anoes had killed two of the padawans.

With only five Jedi left they fought. Many Anoes were dying, but they kept on coming. At last they took out all of the Anoes, but one more Jedi had died. They walk down the halls, and in the Council room they see eight Anoes guarding the last Council members.

“Charge!” yells Droon.

“No!’ yells Calix, “We need a plan.”

Droon runs right at the Ano guards and says, “Eight of you. That’s two for each of us.”

Calix has no chance but to help him. By the end of the battle all of the Anoes are dead, but so is another padawan.

They free the Jedi Council members, and the high Jedi says, “Thank you, you’ve freed us. We will stay here to free the civilians. They only captured us before because they struck us from behind, the filthy cowards.” He then leans over to Calix and whispers, ”You are wise, and perhaps, when this is all over, you will take a place among us as a member of the Jedi Council. I’m not so sure about your friend though. I sense something strange about him.”

Calix replies, “Why, thank you master, but Droon is a good Jedi. A little cross at times, but good.” He then says out loud, “We should return to Kashyyyk.”

They get into their ship and head for Kashyyyk, but what they find when they get there amazes them. (End Scene)

Scene 11

( Return to Kashyyyk )

When they get to their camp, they see the damage of the Sith.

“What happened here?!?!” says Droon, “What happened to the camp?!?!”

Calix looks around then says, “Look! There! One is still alive!” They turn the padawan over onto his back.

He looks up and tries to speak, but it’s hard to talk when you’re choking on your own blood. All he managed to get out was, “S…s…si…si…SITH!!!”

Just then, the padawan gets hit by purple lightning force. He lets out the Wilhelm scream and his charcoal body falls to the ground.

Droon looks up and sees the two Sith. “Ahhhhhhh!” he screams as he runs towards them with his lightsaber activated.

“But I thought the Sith were long gone.” says Calix.

“Don’t know. Don’t care.” Says Droon, “You take the weird scaly one and I’ll take the other.”

They each take their lightsabers and start slashing at the Sith. The battle takes Calix and Atrox to a large tree. After several minutes of them fighting the scene goes to Droon and the Sith Lord.

“You are strong,” says the Sith Lord “let hate control you and you will be much stronger.”

“Shut up and fight!” says Droon.

Back at the tree, Atrox is losing so he attempts to force jump over the tree to get away from Calix’s lightsaber.

As he jumps Calix says, “Nope!” and force slams him into the ground.

When the dust clears away Calix sees Atrox lying motionless in the crater he had just made with his body. Assuming he’s dead, Calix runs off to help Droon.

While Droon and the Zra’Shon are fighting the Ano ships come. Hundreds of them in a line swoop down and they all fire at once to destroy anything they can. Droon and Zra’Shon are almost hit in the fire. Zra’Shon gets knocked away.

Droon is about to go after him, but he hears Calix say, “Droon! Where are you? I need help!”

He looks towards the voice and sees Calix with his legs pinned under a fallen tree. Looking back at Zra’Shon then to Calix again, he deactivates his lightsaber and shakes his head before going to help Calix. (End scene)

Scene 12

(Planning Sith)

Zra’Shon returns to the Shadowlands muttering to himself, “Hrmplgh…Anoes…Hrmplgh…too soon…Hrmplgh…where’s that apprentice?”

Just then Atrox comes in saying weakly,” Master? Why…so…troubled?”

Zra’Shon replies,” I need you to go to Kamino to destroy the Anoes. They’re here too soon. I did not want to risk being killed by those Ano war ships, so I fled. I assume you did the same?”

“Uh…yeah. Something like that.” says Atrox, “but what about the Jedi?”

“I will take care of them if, that is, that army in the sky out there doesn’t take out the Jedi before you kill the Anoes.”

Atrox gets into his ship and blasts off while Zra’Shon goes on top of a nearby hill to see who will win. The Jedi or the Anoes. (End Scene)

Scene 13

(Anoes Strike Kashyyyk)

Droon reaches Calix who is pinned down by the tree and Calix says,” I was coming to help you, but those Ano ships swooped down and as a result of their blaster fire, this tree fell on top of me. I tried to lift it off, but being a padawan, I couldn’t make it budge because the pain was so great.”

“Don’t worry buddy.” Says Droon,” I’ll help you outta there.”

Droon closes his eyes, stretches out his hand, and lifts the tree off of Calix.

” Come,” says Droon,” we have company.” He points at their camp and two surviving padawans are attacking the approaching Anoes. The two Jedi run up (with Calix falling a bit behind because of his injuries) and begin fighting. (End Scene)

Scene 14

(Death to the Anoes)

On Kamino, Atrox’s ship plunges into the waters. He travels down until he gets to the Anoes’ base. Once there, he easily gets past the guards since they think he’s on their side.

Hello there Atrox.” says one of the guards,” Where have you been? I haven’t seen you around here for days.”

“I’ve been busy with the war.” Atrox says, walking briskly down the halls towards the throne room where the main computer was. He enters the room and there he meets the Ano king along with his two guards.

“I can take them.” he thinks to himself.

The king of the Anoes looks up and sees him.” Atrox! My spy! What a surprise!” says the king.

Atrox activates his lightsaber and says,” Sorry I gotta do this, but you’re in-between me and that computer…”

The guards charge towards Atrox with lightsabers humming, but Atrox quickly defeats them in a brief, but epic battle.

“So, it looks like your reign is over.” The two fight for a while until Atrox zaps him with lightning force, a force ability that Anoes can’t use. “You see,” Atrox says to the slowly dying Ano king,” Anoes can’t use the lightning force because it doesn’t come to us naturally as our other powers do, but I can because I was taught how. I’m a Sith!”

Atrox moves over to the computer and begins working it saying to the dying king on the floor,” Since you put me in charge of making our base and fleet of war ships, I made a self-destruct mechanism for all of it. My master was only using you long enough to destroy the Jedi then I would destroy you. With the Jedi destroyed, and you about to follow in their footsteps, nothing stands in our way to take control of the galaxy. You made your mistake by trusting me far too much.”

The countdown for the explosion starts, but then an alarm blares and Ano soldiers flood in.

“What did you do?” Atrox yells at the Ano king.

“I clicked this alarm button on my wrist device while you were talking,” says the Ano king,” You made YOUR mistake by not killing me. Guards! Kill him then shutdown that computer before we all die!”

“I won’t let that happen.” says Atrox,” Master, I serve you well!”

Atrox is forced to defend the computer until the countdown goes to zero. There’s a loud click and then…KA-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The base blows up. (End Scene)

Scene 15

(Bye-Bye Anoes)

On Coruscant, the Jedi masters are fighting the Ano armies. Then, all of a sudden, all of the Anoes’ ships start blowing up and the wreckages fall down and crush most of the Anoes. The rest are soon taken care of.

On Dantooine, the Ano captain and his fleet are flying towards a village to destroy it.

“Prepare to fire missiles.” He says, but he then sees his ships start blowing up. “ What the blast is going on here?!?!” Then the controls and lights all turn red inside of their ship. “Nooooo!” yells the Ano captain, right before the ship blows up and plummets to the ground.

On Kashyyyk, Calix and Droon are fighting like crazy just to stay alive, when all the Anoes’ ships blow up. All the wrecked ships start falling down, crushing Anoes.

“Look out!” yells Droon. He picks up the injured Calix and starts running. The clones follow closely behind.

When it stops raining war-ships, all the Anoes are dead, but one who is crawling out of the wreckage of his ship. Droon walks up and stands, towering above the Ano. The Ano looks up at him in fear, his deformed face blinking in the sunlight. Droon activates his lightsaber and decapitates him. He turns to Calix and says,” Well, I guess that’s over with.”

In the distance, a disappointed Sith Lord watches from his hill. (End Scene)

Scene 16

(Zra’Shon's Strike)

Zra’Shon runs down the hill towards the Jedi’s camp,” I’ve got to hit them while they’re weak.” he says to himself.

Down at the camp, Droon is putting a splint made of branches and vines on Calix’s broken leg. “Sorry I didn’t do this earlier,” says Droon when he’s complete,” but we were kinda busy at the time.”

Zra’Shon bursts through the bushes into the camp. The Jedi and clones stand up and say together,” The Sith Lord!”

He then lifts his hand towards the padawans and says,” You will attack your friends…NOW!”

The padawans are forced to attack the Jedi. Calix is holding them down with the Force while Droon chases Zra’Shon who is laughing maniacally.

“No Droon, wait!” yells Calix, but he’s already through the trees and out of sight. Calix turns his attention to the padawans. He holds them down and began to lift the mind-trick.

“Just like my instructor taught me.” he says. He is successful in lifting the mind-trick, but the strain on their minds made them pass out. “Hmmm,” says Calix,” I guess I haven’t quite mastered it yet.”

Calix gets up and begins following Droon and Zra’Shon. He comes to a fork in the path and says,” Which way did they go?” (End Scene)

Scene 17

(Droon vs. Zra’Shon)

Further on, Droon and Zra’Shon are fighting under a tree with a wrecked Ano war-ship resting in the branches.

“I feel the hate flowing out of you,” says Zra’Shon as he deflects a blow. “You have SO much hate inside of you.”

“Shut up!” yells Droon,” You already tried that, It’s not gonna work.” Droon starts fighting with great fury and begins to defeat Zra’Shon.

“His hate will be the death of me.” Zra’Shon says to himself. He uses the Force to knock down the Ano ship on top of Droon. (End Scene)

Scene 18

(Calix vs. Zra’Shon)

Calix says to himself,” The instructor always said ‘Trust in the Force, and it will guide you’. He closes his eyes and says,” I trust.” His feet seem to drag themselves towards the left path. He opens his eyes, smiles, and moves on. He passes the ship that’s on top of Droon, but Droon is unconscious and Calix doesn’t notice him. He moves on and finds Zra’Shon at the foot of a large tree. Calix approaches him saying,” Where’s Droon? What did you do to him?”

Zra’Shon replies,” I took care of him, as I will do with you.” With that, they begin fighting. They start leaping around in the tree branches where they fight for a while.

(End Scene)

Scene 19

(Good-morning Sunshine)

Droon wakes up to find he’s trapped under the twisted metal of the war-ship. He looks at his hand. It’s trapped in some twisted metal and he can’t get it out. He yanks it out, shredding his hand. In his bloody hand he’s still clutching his lightsaber, but he damaged it as well as his hand.

“Arrgghh!” he says,” I still need to help Calix, with, or without a lightsaber. He pulls himself out of the wreckage, and starts limping towards the battle. (End Scene)

Scene 20

(This Ends Now!)

Calix is getting beat up by Zra’Shon. Calix is a good Jedi, but he wasn’t ready for this especially with his injured leg. Zra’Shon is wailing on him and Calix is only blocking about half the blows, he can’t take much more.

His injured leg is already burning when Zra’Shon strikes it. That was too much. He falls down on the tree branch they were fighting on and Zra’Shon lifts his lightsaber above his head.

Calix prepares for the final blow. As Zra’Shon swings his lightsaber down, Droon throws himself in the way yelling,” Finish him!!!!”

Droon’s dead body falls out of the tree and falls into the depths of the Shadowlands and Calix yells,” Noooooooooo!!!” He leaps up and slashes Zra’Shon across the chest and says into his eyes.” This ends now!” and pushes Zra’Shon out of the tree on the opposite side that Droon fell off of. His lightsaber flies out of his hand and falls into the Shadowlands. (End Scene)

Scene 21

(Departure from Kashyyyk)

Zra’Shon starts getting up so Calix goes down and captures him. He sees a ship land over by his camp, knocks out Zra’Shon, and drags him towards the ship.

The ship was full of Jedi sent from Coruscant. The Jedi leader comes out and said to Calix,” We defeated all of the Anoes on Coruscant and decided we should see if you were okay.”

“I’ve captured Zra’Shon, but my partner, Droon, is dead.” says Calix,” and I haven’t recovered his body.”

The Jedi replies,” We will look for him, but the Shadowlands are huge. We might never find his body.”

They search for a while, but they eventually leave, having to drag Calix away. They head for Coruscant to have Zra’Shon questioned before the Jedi Council. There ship blasts off, but following not far behind is another smaller ship. (End Scene)

Scene 22


Calix is in the cock-pit of the ship with the Jedi leader, the padawans, and pilots, bringing Zra’Shon to Coruscant. Then the scanners pick up a ship moving towards them.

“They won’t respond!” says the pilot.

“Prepare to attack!” says Calix, but the mysterious ship fires a blast at the power generator. All the power goes out. “Get the power back on!” says Calix,” He’s boarding us!”

“I’m trying!” says the pilot.

It was too late, he had boarded them. Most of the Jedi went to the hanger to stop the intruder. The rest went to guard Zra’Shon’s cell.

“You think you’ve defeated the Sith?” Zra’Shon says with a laugh,” You’re sadly mistaken.”

Down in the hanger, it is almost pitch black. No one can see the intruder, but then, a red lightsaber activates. All the Jedi in the hanger fall underneath the glowing blade.

“He’s coming to get you.” Zra’Shon whispers menacingly to the guards outside his cell, with an evil grin cracking across his face.

“We must get to Zra’Shon’s cell at once!” says the Jedi leader.

“I agree.” says Calix. So the two of them and the padawans rush down to the holding cell. As they’re running down the halls the lights come on.

“I got the power back!” yells the pilot from the cock-pit. With the lights back on, Calix and the Jedi leader see dead bodies all down the hall with lightsaber wounds, some were force-choked.

At the end of the hall, they saw the guards dead, the lock to the cell slashed through by a lightsaber, and the cell empty. They could hear the other ship taking off outside.

“Pilot! Shoot them down!” yells Calix down the halls.

“They’re already jumping into hyperspace sir.” the pilot yells back.

“We’ll just have to go and tell the Council I guess.” says Calix. (End Scene)

Scene 23


At the Jedi Temple Calix is speaking with the Jedi Council saying,” So Droon sacrificed himself so we could capture Zra’Shon, but he was freed by another Sith. We have no idea where they are. I failed you masters.”

“On the contrary,” says the high Jedi,” you have been extremely involved in the prevention of this war and in dealing with the Sith. I think that is quite the opposite of failing. However troubling the news of the Sith’s return is, we connate overlook the fact that you’ve done an outstanding job. In fact, you may be knighted tomorrow, if you wish.”

Shocked, Calix replies,” Umm…well, of course I want to, but no one has ever been knighted this early into their training.”

“You are young, but you are wise.” says the high Jedi,” And as I said before, I think you could be a member of this Council some day. As for your training, this war would be training enough for anyone.”

“Thank you master Skywalker!” says Calix.

“You are quite welcome.” says the high Jedi with a grin, “But until then we must ensure our victory of this war. The Anoes were mostly defeated, but a sizable amount of them throughout the galaxy survived. We have to eradicate each and every one of them.”

They bow to each other as the camera zooms out. (End Scene)


(End Credits Scene)

On Dantooine, in the wreckage of an Ano war-ship, the rubble starts to move. Then out comes the Ano captain! The camera gets close in on his face and then….he growls!

” Rrgghhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!” (End Movie)



So that's my story! Thanks so much for reading! I hope you liked it.

Like I said, this is a "partial" screenplay. I still need to go through to fatten up the dialogue, but what did you think? Could you see this on the big screen?

Again, any advice or help getting this thing up and running would be nice! Thanks again for reading! May the Force be with y'all!


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