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Hi guys! I'm new to this Andri hope you guys really like this but this blog I'm writing right now for you guys is a lil 'bout me :) basically like a lil draw my life. So i was born on Jan. 30th 2004 and I was raised by my wonderful mother and 3 brothers, I love them to death. When I was only five my parents split up and my mother being the wonderful woman she is, gave us a roof,clothes,and food so I'm very grateful. A lil later I started school and all was well. ALOT OF YEARS LATER I started elementary school and when I was in 4th grade I had soo many friends but I'm not a popular kid and frankly I don't care but anyways, I've been friends wit a lot of people since kindergarten and even preschool but the 4 girls tht are my BFF's are Alysson she is very otaku like me and my other friend savahna I've known my friend Alysson since kindergarten and we talk a lot about anime and stories on wattpad. My second friend Savahna me and her are also very otaku and we also talk about animes I met her in only 4th grade and we have a bond like sisters we even fight like sisters! And the others I've met them in fourth grade too, which is Julia she is a very sassy girl and will fight for her friends she is also very confident! The last friend is Katelynn I've known her since kindergarten also me and her stopped talking for a while then started talking again in 2nd grade which isn't really that long. And. All of us are still best friends even in the 6th grade. But now let me tell you about me. And that's my blog for now guys! Bye my geeks! ^.^

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