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Could it possibly be??? A return to form for M. Night Shyamalen??? It's been a long while, but with The Visit I think the Sixth Sense director has actually proven that he is still capable of making enjoyable films.

The Visit as I mentioned is directed by M. Night Shyamalen and follows two children as they go to spend a week at their grandparents house. Everything appears to be normal until the sun goes down and the grandparents start to act extremely odd. Something just isn't quite right and as the week progresses, the two children uncover a strange truth. Will they be able to survive the week or will they will their psychotic grandparents corner them into an oven?

First off I have to commend the acting. Everyone even the child actors all gave fantastic performances, especially the woman who played the grandmother, she was incredibly disturbing and will probably make you never want to see your grandmother again (sorry grams). The child actors also proved to be quite the payoff as usually they tend to annoy or somewhat ruin a film, Phantom Menace I'm looking at you, however with this film, the child actors were very enjoyable and the actor who played the boy especially added a lot of humor. He reminded me a lot of beans from the Even Stevens show.

The next thing I have to commend Shyamalen on is actually how funny this movie is. This film had me laughing quite a bit and I did not expect this coming from Shyamalen. A lot of the humor comes from how messed up some of the lines are or how ridiculous some of the scenarios are, but it makes the film so much more enjoyable than if it were a straight horror film and I think it proves that Shyamalen is surprisingly pretty good at injecting humor into a movie.

Something else I really liked about this film is how it didn't rely on jump scares, in fact I believe there were only like 2 or 3 jump scares in the whole film. Most of the movie just uses scenarios to envoke scares out of the audience which I very much appreciated. The comedy blends well with the horror and in fact the way the comedy and horror mash is very much similar to how it mashes in scream, which I consider to be a pretty perfect blend.

Going into this movie I wasn't too crazy about the found footage aspect of it since I feel this trend has been beaten to death by essentially every single recent horror film, however, I think this is the first movie where it actually makes sense and is done perfectly.

The daughter is an aspiring documentarian and is making a documentary about her mother and her relationship with her parents, the kids grandparents. Due to this we as the audience are able to buy into her knowledge of how to use the camera and whatnot. Another aspect that made the found footage work very well is that there are no ambient tracks or music. The film utilizes the natural sounds of the environment and honestly this is how a found footage film should be done; in a way that makes it believable and makes sense. Now even though I had a fun time with this film, there were of course a couple of problems that I encountered.

Some issues I had with the film were really just the tonal conflicts and some unnecessary subplots. The comedy horror tones worked well together, however, there were some parts in the middle where the kids would be talking about their relationship with their father and whatnot and it suddenly got very intense and serious and all in all just felt out of place in the film. The whole father element felt as though it didn't contribute to the overall story and caused some issues for me. When you think the movie ends they tag this extra scene in at the end to essentially say, "Hey, here's that part that wasn't resolved, let's resolve it!" I guess it kind of added to character development, but it could've been done in a different way that made it more important to the main story and ultimately made the flow of the film much better.

Lastly, since it is a Shyamalen film we as the audience are are always looking for that notorious twist and I unfortunately saw this one coming a while away, but it did not detract from the enjoyment I had with the film which is always good.

All in all I believe The Visit is a blast at the theaters a great film to go see with your friends and family and even though there are some tonal conflicts, unnecessary subplots and a not so impressive twist, I had a fun time and recommend that everyone at least check it out. With that being said, I'm gong to give The Visit a 3.8 out of 5 stars (or a 7.8 out of 10 stars since MP uses a 10 star rating system) and I must say it is a great to see a return to form from Shyamalen as the guy really needed a win.

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