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Fan films are awesome! What better way to prove how much of a fan you are of something than making an incredible short film about it? When done correctly, fan films look just as professional as ordinary films, especially when there's a professional behind the camera.

For Grayson: Earth One, that professional is Hisonni Johnson. Johnson is an actor, director and producer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He's worked on some pretty cool web series such as Fight Night Legacy, The Gambit, and the upcoming Green Lantern fan series Power.

But his greatest series -- at least in my opinion -- is Grayson: Earth One!

The series centers around Dick Grayson, a.k.a Nightwing, in an alternate world influenced by two big DC Comics storylines: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman Beyond. Though these storylines exist in two separate universes and continuities, Grayson: Earth One envisions a world where both stories exist in the same timeline.

I've already talked about the exciting, action-packed first episode, but there's another one I definitely have to tell you about! While episode 2 has yet to release (here's hoping it'll come out soon), Grayson: Earth One episode 1.5 makes the wait a little less hard!

Episode 1.5 doesn't focus on Nightwing, instead it stars another one of my favorite Batman characters, Jason Todd! Check out the episode, starring the former Robin and current Red Hood, below!

'The Boy and the Bullet' is without a doubt one of my favorite fan films now! It probably has to do with the fact that it has my favorite DC anti-hero (Jason Todd) in a world made of up of my two favorite Batman storylines (TDKR and Batman Beyond)!

I just love everything about the mythos of this story! The settings, the music, and especially the settings! My favorite thing about this episode has to be the psychotic clown gang that Jason joins.

Fans of Batman know the story of Jason Todd. He was once Batman's sidekick, Robin, until he crossed paths with The Joker. After being tortured by the sick clown for weeks, he was killed -- scarring Batman forever. Eventually, thanks to the resurrecting Lazarus Pit, Jason was brought back to life, albeit with some anger issues. Angry at Batman for not killing Joker after his death, Jason Todd became a murderous villain with the intent of taking out his former mentor.

After failing at this (because you can't kill The Batman!), Jason became more anti-hero than villain -- and while he still holds a grudge against Batman, he doesn't want to kill him anymore, and is even willing to work with him on a few occasions.

Grayson: Earth One references the tale of Red Hood with a little irony. As you saw in the video, Jason Todd (who by the way has an affinity for wearing red and yellow, just like his Robin costume) joins the clown gang run by Mama. While the gang might not be directly related to Joker, Jason's relationship with the gang mirrors that of his association with The Clown Prince of Crime.

For instance, after Mama shoots Jason, he recovers from the wound and is ready to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. I see this as a reference to Jason Todd being "reborn" and developing his more brutal Red Hood Persona!

Like I said, Grayson: Earth One episode 2 isn't out yet, but you can support its eventual release by checking out the previous episodes of G: EO and the rest of Hisonni Johnson's awesome works!

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