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Animorphs pulled me from the brink of social depression, introduced me to my husband, and overall affected my life in a wide variety of inex

Sometimes I remember my childhood in a blur of movies, and usually, from that blur forms the face of the woman who changed my perception of female characters. True, her role in Young Frankenstein wasn't necessarily a departure, but what it represented for me is a woman's ability to be hilarious and darkly satirical, and that changed my mind about actresses from that point forward. Since then, many actresses that represent this medium, such as Catherine O'hara and Rachael Leigh Cook, have entered the happily marked room in my mind that is always filled with dark shadows and loud laughter, but I can never forget the first. The one who truly made me appreciate comedic actresses, and who remains to this day my very favorite woman to watch on screen. As holidays loom Young Frankenstein will again be set before my children. Mixed Nuts will be displayed before Christmas, and I look forward to the day they will be old enough to appreciate Blazing Saddles and Betsy's Wedding. I just want to thank her again, because she deserves to be remembered. She was an incredible woman, an incomparable actress, and it's the perfect time of year to appreciate what she gave.


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