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Fear The Walking Dead Episode 3 Review

“The Dog”


This episode starts to make things a little more interesting as both families are finally together. From personal experience, the atmosphere can get a little bit awkward and somewhat hostile living in a blended family. As Nick, Alicia and Madison wait for Travis, Chris and Liza to come home we find out that Madison’s husband had passed away as they play Monopoly to pass time. The show actually makes Monopoly seem much more fun to play than it actually because who actually has the time to finish a Monopoly game? As they hide in the house, they are confronted with a dog that is eventually killed by Peter who has turned into a walker (sad face). Travis, Liza and Chris finally make it home but not before they witness shootings at the hospital. This scene of them going back home honestly reminded me of the beginning of the The Last of Us when Joel tries to escape the city with his daughter Sarah and his brother Tommy. If you haven't played that game, I highly recommend it but at this point, who hasn't played it? With the Salazars and Travis continues to try and talk to the dead because nobody will accept the fact that they’re dead. This is the frustrating part about having a prequel is that nobody knows anything yet about the situation and they don’t know how to deal with them. Daniel Salazar is forced to shoot Peter with a shotgun before he can take a bite of Travis.

While all of that is going on, Alicia ends up being by herself because she went back to get the shotgun shells which leads her to being caught by Susan who was their neighbor before turning into a walker. Chris tries to help her get over the fence as she escapes from Susan and ends up giving Chris an elbow to the nose which seemed intentional which has me wondering why on Earth would you hurt the person trying to help you? I’m guessing there might be some bad blood between them in the past, perhaps Chris had a crush on Alicia? However that cannot work out because they are now siblings which is unfortunate for Chris. Maybe that’s why he is always bitter? During that scene, Nick let’s Alicia know that she (Susan) is dead which leaves Alicia in tears because she cannot fathom at the fact that her boyfriend (Matt) has turned into a walker. Afterwards, Madison and Liza also have a little chat about working together concluding with Madison asking Liza to take her out if she ever turned into a walker. Which could possibly be a hint of foreshadowing? Either way I think one of them will eventually turn because there’s no way they’re all going to make it out of this alive.

Mrs. Salazar had also sustained an injury on her leg as they made their escape from the riot with Travis and so she must stay in bed because she cannot walk. Daniel’s pride does not let his family go with the family crew even though his daughter continues to plead for him to just go with them so they can get a doctor to help her mother. However, his stubbornness is strong so they do not end up going with the families. I was predicting that Mrs. Salazar was going to get sick and turn into a walker which would force Daniel to take her out and travel with the rest. However, as the episode nears its end, the army comes out of nowhere to neutralize all threats in the neighborhood and everything seems to be under control. The end of this episode really makes me curious how it will continue from this because once the army comes, shouldn’t it be over? Obviously not which is why I’m wondering which direction this story will go after the army “saves” the day.

Overall this episode was entertaining because the horror is definitely present which is something I believe that was lacking in The Walking Dead Season 5. Even though it could be frustrating at the fact that none of these people really know how to deal with walkers you can’t help it because this is a prequel. But that’s probably why there seems to be more suspense in comparison to the original series with Rick which is because the original crew knows how to deal with walkers. I really like the atmosphere with the blended family while having to deal with the outbreak because it creates multiple conflicts within a bigger conflict. Now that we’re already halfway through the season, it’s definitely going to be interesting how they finish it off. I just hope they don’t make it feel rushed with an abrupt ending.


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