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Remember how your parents used to find really weird bits of your favorite Nicktoons unfathomably funny? Yep, they were laughing about sex right next to your innocent little ears as repayment for you hogging the remote control all evening.

Hundreds of naughty little lols were scarred throughout the Nicktoons universe to allow adults to keep their sanity when faced with hours of technicolor madness blasting out of the telly box every evening, and although you might not have understood them then, you definitely will now!

16. An Appetite for Wieners

Cartoon: Spongebob Squarepants

Hands up if you want Mr. Krabs wiener to blow right up in your face!

15. Buck Me, That's Rude!

Cartoon: Rocko's Modern Life

I would imagine my mom would be pretty bucked off if she saw me watching this as a kid, TBH.

14. Born Under Venus...

Cartoon: Rugrats

An oldie but a goodie.

13. Nut Breath

Cartoon: Catdog

He'll be burying his nuts in your hole before long if you're not careful!

12. Spongebob Spaffpants

Catroon: Spongebob Squarepants

Wait a minute, I recognize that music from Eurotrash...

11. Boppin' his Boppo

Cartoons: Rugrats

Chuckie always struck me as the kind who would spend a lot of time alone in his room keeping himself ummmm, entertained. He could have waited until he was a bit older though!

10. Up All Night at the No Tell Motel!

Cartoon: Rocko's Modern Life

Thank god for that premature departure!

9. Creepy Circumcision

Cartoon: Rugrats

When body horror meets babies!

8. Just Dad's Dirty Diary, Nothing to See Here

Cartoon: Hey Arnold

Don't you just love it when your Granddad reads you stories about your parents getting naked and trembling with anticipation? Me too!

7. Rocko Does it Doggy Style

Cartoon: Rocko's Modern Life

I'm pretty sure this guy should be on some sort of register...

6. Fingering Prince

Cartoon: Animaniacs

That 'my body is ready smile' from Prince is not acceptable on so many levels.

5. Hefer Get's Milked...and Loves It

Cartoon: Rocko's Modern Life

So that's what happens if you 'milk' a bull...

4. Helga's Trembling Girlhood

Cartoon: Hey Arnold

Well, it's better written than Fifty Shades...

3. Felch Donuts

Cartoon: Rocko's Modern Life

I'm just going to leave this informative Wikipedia definition HERE and let you think about the shape of a donut for a while. Soz.

2. Rude Balloon

Cartoon: Spongebob Squarepants

I guess it's a condom mistake to make when you're as poorly educated as Spongebob.

1. Beyond Sawdid

Cartoon: Ren and Stimpy

I can only express how I feel about this one in octopus.


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