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In a total hilarious and spooky twist on our favorite sitcom, things have taken a very unexpected turn. WorldWideInterweb has catapulted Friends into a horrifying and dramatic horror-filled world. Everyone has their favorite Friends episode, and after seeing this horror parody you may be wishing for a horror reboot of the show.

Remember the episode with the blood-curdling terror? 'Course ya' don't!

Luckily for us the WorldWideInterweb imagined just that. Let me introduce you to the parody trailer for Dead Friends:

It all begins with a confession by Monica admitting that she, “Did something kind of crazy tonight...”

Then we hear Ross threatening to go ''Red Ross." Whatever that means!

Joey tries to hold his fears together, cowering in bed...

...Followed by Chandler nearly getting his head drilled in while looking pretty dang dead!

Cue more dramatic screaming!

To see what else goes down, feast you eyes and ears on the dramatic trailer below. But, don't worry in true Friends style, it's more funny than scary!

Source: WorldWideInterweb


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